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EXTERMINATE is Proto-Grindcore band from Kuching, Sarawak formerly known as NIGHT STILL YOUNG. They used to be a side-project band for GRIND OR DIE FEST at the first place, but then, they decided to keep this band (NSY) under a new name EXTERMINATE. As per said, they musically love muddy sound and humming short noises with lyrical themes based on political, social and the likes. Here’s an interview made with EXTERMINATE, answered (separately) by Lester (in Malay) and Kris. Read on...

(1) Who are the current members of EXTERMINATE?
Lester: EXTERMINATE dianggotai oleh Kris (1st gitar), Brian (dram) dan Lester (vokalis).
Kris: Hi.. current member of EXTERMINATE is Lester (vox), Kris (guitar) and Kului (drum). [Kului is Brian’s nickname – Editor]

(2) When and what encouraged you to start EXTERMINATE?
Lester: EXTERMINATE ditubuhkan semasa gig GRIND OR DIE FEST 2012 di Phantom Limb, Kuching. Ketika itu EXTERMINATE masih menggunakan nama lama NIGHT STILL YOUNG (NSY).
Kris: EXTERMINATE is formed for side project for first reason since all of us have our own bands. Lester is bassist for punk rock band named MAVIS DIRTY PROJECT, Kris is bassist for grindcore band BRONCO BUSTER and Kului also play for BRONCO BUSTER as guitarist. First we play like humorous noise grind then we change for more serious shits (politic, scene, eco-social, anarchy etc) but still we keep the funny issues.

(3) EXTERMINATE plays Proto-Grindcore. How does it sound like?
Lester: Proto-grind yang kami main sound lebih kepada grind, hardcore dan sedikit crusty. Tetapi kami sekarang masih mencari sound yang betul-betul kami mahukan.
Kris: Proto-grindcore is like grindcore music but it more various sound of crust and death metal.. that is our point of view, for us band like NAILS, DISRUPT, DROPDEAD, MASSGRAVE is proto grind band that much inspire us.

(4) What mostly influenced / inspired your music & lyrics writing?
Lester: Influences kami WORMROT, UNHOLY GRAVE, MASSGRAVE.. Lirik kami seperti protes, grind santai.. Kurangkan harga arak dan rokok.. hehehe!
Kris: First we make music and noise then the lyrics.. like I said we write about politic and social.. life reality. So many issues and bad things happen in this country lately.

(5) What have you released thus far? How was the response achieved?
Lester: 1st demo NIGHT STILL YOUNG format cd 5 lagu. 2nd split dengan ROTTEN DISEASE (Sabahan Noise Grind) dan split PENGUASA ANJING (Sabahan Experimental Grind), JERIT (Indonesia’s Grindcore). 3rd split with BADxPIT (Kuching Powerviolence) dan ANAK BASTARD (tak sure lagi band dari mana tak ingat, hehehe!)
Kris: Our release is NSY demo (our first band name), 2-way split cdr ROTTEN DISEASE, 3-way split cd with JERIT and PENGUASAxANJING, 10 second noise compilation (by Deathtones Records), 2-way single split 3" cdr/floppy disk with SHITNOISE BASTARDS and 3-way split cdr with BADxPIT and ANAK BASTARD.

(6) What will be the next releases?
Kris: Next release.. don’t know yet because Lester still working at Bintulu.. Hrmm maybe MOTORHEAD or NAPALM DEATH? [Don’t know what did he mean with “maybe Motorhead or Napalm Death?”, split release kot? – Editor]

(7) Any gigs played? What was the best show experience?
Kris: As far we just played 2 gigs.. we are not that famous hihi seem kids hate our music. The best experience is the reaction from the audiences because our song is short. They’re look clueless and annoyed haha!

(8) What do you want for EXTERMINATE?
Kris: We want to run this band until the last breath haha just for motivation.. All we want is record release as many many as we can.. spread our noise and words.

(9) Say something about the local (Kuching/Sarawak) Grindcore scene?
Lester: Scene Grindcore di Kuching agak kurang tapi itu tidak menjadi masalah kepada kami. Kami sentiasa belajar dan lakukan sahaja apa yang kami mahu.. sentiasa meminta pendapat dari band-band otai grind Kuching untuk kami teruskan perjuangan Grindcore. Kami berharap scene Grind akan bertambah tak kira di mana-mana; Sabah, Sarawak atau Semenanjung. Unite paling penting walaupun tak kira band lama atau baru.
Kris: Kuching now is great.. many gigs and new bands. Just kids don’t producing their stuffs, they're love merchs and mp3. There is no grindcore scene over here, I thinks there is just about 6-7 active grindcore bands.

(10) Thank you! Last notes?
Lester: Itu sahaja dari kami boss.. sori kalau tulis Bahasa Melayu, jangan marah ya. Last dari kami - IN GRIND WE YOUNG! Cheerss!! [Takde masalah. Cintailah Bahasa Kebangsaan, haha! – Editor]
Kris: Last words? Thanx for interviewing us.. sorry for my suck answers, keep making noise and grind.. support extreme music no matter you’re from metal or hardcore punk side, spread the love... and kickboxing moshing suck.

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