Friday, 14 February 2014


Here comes 2-piece Japanese Noisegrind weirdos called SETE STAR SEPT. This Tokyo based comprised of Kae (vocals/bass) and Kiyasu (drums). The duo will soon appear in their Southeast Asia Tour playing in Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and yes, Malaysia also. A short and brief talks made with the blasting machine-man, Kiyasu. 

1. What truly persuade you to form Sete Star Sept?
Kiyasu: In 2004, I started Sete Star Sept as noise band. First line-up was 3 pieace, I do vocals and other 2 guys was making harsh noise using guitar and mixer. We influenced from 80' and 90' noisecore/grindcore.

2. Kae (Vocal and Bass) and Kiyasu (Drums). Why just run as duo?
Kiyasu: We changed line-up as duo in 2009. I just wanted to play noise grind. Making noise by bass guitar and blasting drums! I think it's enough two people.

3. How do you define Noisegrind the way of Sete Star Sept?
Kiyasu: I define combine the fastest power blast beat and over levels of low sound noise. The song must be short and raw grind.

4. What mostly influenced / inspired your music & lyrics writing?
Kiyasu: We don't have any particular thing about lyrics writing. Mostly influenced Gerogerigegege and early Napalm Death.

5. Sete Star Sept has a lot of releases! Which are the important ones?
Kiyasu: "All is wrong" is my favorite one.

6. What will be the next biggest plans?
Kiyasu: Biggest plans for 2014 is playing in China and Korea on beginning of May, Europe on May-June and US/Canada on August-September. And will release 10 years anniversary stuff.

7. Many shows played right? Which are the most memorable ones?
Kiyasu: "Grind Years Eve 2012" in Malaysia is one of most memorable gig and "Chaos in Tejas 2013" in US.

8. What do you try to achieve for Sete Star Sept?
Kiyasu: I want to continue to grind to death! and I hope that many people, use to sympathize with our music even a little.

9. Some notes to end this short interview?
Kiyasu: I'm just doing it just like. Do more fucking loud! Noise! Noise! Noise!

Stay Tune with SETE STAR SEPT:

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