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MY OWN MIND issue #2
Published: April 2019


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Monday, 1 April 2019


ONCE STAND, FOREVER FIGHT!: Hardcore Punk compilation #3 featuring Thisfucker (Malaysia), PerrosPrimos (Argentina), Insulin (Indonesia), Lambagrind (Philippines), Matrak Attakk (Belgium), Cendol’s Dead (Malaysia), War Infection (Philippines), Šarlah (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Diskonekcija (Bosnia and Herzegovina), T-61 (Ecuador), Against The Shit (Uruguay), Dirty Deeds (Malaysia), Repugnant (Philippines), Fratüra (Brazil), Pasto Nefasto (Spain), Biangraw (Indonesia), Hymnöir (Malaysia), Menstrual Parasite (US), Disrelief (Greece / Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Crutches (Sweden). Total duration 39:25 minutes.

Full download comes with completed set of coversleeve + inlay. Only the bands featured have the rights to produce physical copies for selling / distribution.

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THE HIDDEN EXISTENCE: Malaysia’s Electronic / Experimental compilation Part 2 featuring MAMPOS, SUGUL, ANAK BUKIT, MAQÂBIR, ABLAZE ETERNAL, SYLENN, KROSOT, and SHADOWED GRACE.


Saturday, 9 March 2019


ONCE STAND, FOREVER FIGHT!: Hardcore Punk compilation #2 featuring Disbrigade (Ecuador), Neck Deep In Filth (Nepal), The Domestics (UK), My Own Voice (Italy), Distruggle (South Korea), TikamxLari (Malaysia), Firstblood (Indonesia), Klabu Asap (Malaysia), Cabeça de Martelo (Portugal), Warkrust (Brazil), The Dicksons (Malaysia), Remiso (Sweden), Changoz! (Paraguay), Something Shit (Malaysia), Disparo Certero (Paraguay), Lookin Up (New Zealand), Los Rezios (Peru), Badak Militia (Indonesia), Anamorphic (Philippines), and Kathreptis (Colombia). Total duration 45:08 minutes.

Full download comes with completed set of coversleeve + inlay. Only the bands featured have the rights to produce physical copies for selling / distribution.

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Thursday, 28 February 2019


Hell’s house band THE TRACY LORDS is a chaotic smash n’ grab of primordial sludge in molten tones and carwreck whiplash rhythms. With enough artfulness, drama and sadness to keep the young’uns interested and lo-fi charms for the Punk Rock cogniscenti, The Lords’ hope-crushing heaviness is inflicted with the simple MO of set up, break the audience into little pieces and get out. – Interview by Trashnoiser [28.02.2019]

[1] Hello The Tracy Lords. First of all, please introduce the band; history background and the current lineup?
The Tracy Lords is myself (Arthur Urquiola) on guitar and vocals, Dave Kerr on bass and vocals and Gabe Andre on drums. We started in late 2016 with Owen Fung on drums, who would later move to South Korea and now plays in the incredible Sludge/Doom band Gawthrop.

[2] The name “The Tracy Lords” sounds interesting! Where from did you get it and what doest it represent for?
Traci Lords was an American porn star from the 1980s who lied about her age and was featured in 30+ hardcore porn films even though she was not of legal age. Eventually she was detained by the FBI and there was a mass recall of her films. But the interesting part of her story was that she would later become a successful actress, writer and pop singer. So to me she represents living through a quite sordid past to ultimately live a life of creative and fulfilling work.

[3] How would you describe the music and sound of The Tracy Lords? What sort of bands that really inspired you, musically?
At the heart of it, I would call The Tracy Lords a Rock & Roll band, maybe a Punk Rock band. We were initially more inspired by Hardcore Punk bands like GLOSS, Cursed and Los Crudos, but we would later derive other elements from bands like Poison Idea, The Murder City Devils and GISM. From very early on we also sought out a crushing heaviness to our sound usually more associated with Stoner/Doom bands like Fu Manchu, Thou and Sleep.

[4] Share with us a little bit about the method you guys composing songs and recording?
Very little is created outside of the practice space. Aside from lyrics, most of the writing happens when we’re all together. We do work very quick when we’re at that stage though. We demo everything and much of that has been released. But when we do go into a studio, mostly everything is tracked live and we’re not in there longer than a day. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money, especially not our own.

Photo credit: Andy Rock

[5] I personally didn’t know much about The Tracy Lords. What have you released previously?
We released an eight-song demo digitally in December 2016. We later re-released it on cassette tape in July 2017 for the Unite Asia festival with two additional songs, as well as having two other songs featured on a commemorative compilation CD released at the fest. Later in 2017 we released a digital ep called “fuck.marry.kill” which collected the two bonus songs from our demo tape, the two songs from the Unite Asia comp and two newer tracks. Our most recent release was three songs on a split 7" with our dear friends The Squawk .

[6] Let us know further about your recent release(s), including the one you told me; a split 7" you guys did with a band called The Squawk?
The split with The Squawk was released last February and is the first Hardcore Punk split 7" to come out on vinyl in Hong Kong. It was released by our dear friends Sweaty & Cramped, a Hong Kong label that largely releases Emo and Indie Rock, but they did a fantastic job. We will have a new 7" ep coming out this year through Gods Candy Records in Canada. We wrote and recorded it between July and September last year so it came together very quick, but it sounds huge, looks incredible and we can’t wait to inflict it.

[7] How do you see this band progressed, from the beginning phase to the present stages?
Our earlier live sets were short, blunt noise attacks. Very fast and very loud but I think we have always made being tight a priority. The live experience now is still extremely intense, but our songs are more dynamic and more reflective of our eclectic tastes. Musically I’d like to think that we’ve become more ambitious without straying to far from the qualities that make us unique and that people enjoy in our music.

[8] What scope of issues and messages have been written in most of your lyrics?
Getting into Punk Rock taught me to seek out my own culture from a real early age and DIY covered everything from music, to film, to the books I read. But being 35, I’ve realised that most other people who interacted with culture more passively almost grew up in an entirely different world. I didn’t go to clubs and raves or whatever, my time was spent at record stores and Punk Rock shows and making my own music. This comes through in my writing along with the fact that Hong Kong is a place that doesn’t put a lot of stock in preservation, so the record stores, music venues and pretty much all the small independent businesses I used to love are gone. These factors mean that people who came from the scene I came from, who are now around my age, can’t get too nostalgic. There aren’t a ton of people who share the same memories we have and it’s easy to feel “aged out” of culture unless you’re actively involved.

[9] Do you think that Hong Kong one of the best country to live and stay in? How does the music (punk/hardcore/noise/grind/metal) scene look like over there?
Hong Kong’s one of maybe three or four cities in the world I’ve found where I can always just walk out the door without a plan and find plenty to do. It’s very safe so staying out late was never really an issue. As far as Punk Rock and Metal goes, the scenes here are really small and a band like us can really only find a much larger “scene” of like-minded bands and friends regionally. The Unite Asia website is started here and is all about connecting scenes around the region. The administration here isn’t at all supportive to live music, but that’s made having a DIY approach absolutely crucial for bands to get anything done. It’s real common here for different kinds of acts to also play together because of this and everyone works together to make things happen for themselves and for small, independent acts passing through. For example, the experimental music/noise scene embodies this perfectly. Everyone involved is extremely hard working, self-sufficient and organised, there are regular events and foreign acts are always passing through.

Photo credit: Bob Wan

[10] Have you guys playing live in gigs and making tours?
We have played many live shows at this point but we don’t really perform regularly. I’ve found it’s easy to play the same one or two venues once a month to the same people and the same other bands. From very early on I think we wanted to have different kinds of experiences playing live at different types of shows. While we’re not a political band, part of the reason we’re so selective is also to show support for smaller, DIY promoters and spaces and share bills with other bands that work at a grassroots level. While it’s never really an option for a band like us, I’d like to think that we would be apprehensive about playing at a shopping mall, or being some cultural affectation at a corporate gathering just to show how eclectic and “whacky” the organisers and company behind the event are.

As of yet, we have not traveled with this band. It’s something we would really like to do, especially with thriving the Punk Rock, Noise and Metal scenes around Asia that are probably more receptive to what our band does.

[11] What more could we expect from The Tracy Lords in the future?
I’m not sure when this interview will be published, but we will be supporting the legendary Hardcore band NEUROOT from the Netherlands in April. That’s actually our first show for 2019. The new ep is coming together, but part of the delay could be due to my elaborate ideas for the vinyl and packaging. Either way we hope that it’ll be released sooner rather than later. We like to commemorate these things with parties as well, so we’re hoping for a launch party since the one we did last year for the split 7" with The Squawk was one of the most fun life-affirming shows I’ve ever played.

[12] What is “punk” in your own mind?
Punk Rock to me is DIY at its core. It’s the entire paradigm for all the culture that has enriched my life and shaped me as a person. Some of the most enduring and important friendships I have are with people I met as a teenager at Punk Rock shows or through playing in Punk Rock bands with. To this day, Punk Rock continues to not only bring profoundly inspiring art to my attention, but it also connects me with the kind hearts and inspiring minds behind some really great work.

[13] Thanks for your time. Last words please?
Step out of your comfort zone at least once today to seek out new art, music, literature and experiences and let it change you.

Thursday, 21 February 2019


ONCE STAND, FOREVER FIGHT!: Hardcore Punk compilation #1 featuring Pasmaters (Croatia), Dipfase (Indonesia), Contusiön (Colombia), Txuminos Imberbes (Spain), Disbomb (Malaysia), Carne Pa Canhão (Portugal), Valium (Colombia), Ruido Bruto (Spain), Besthöven (Brazil), M.E.A.T.S. (Hong Kong), The Tracy Lords (Hong Kong), Gas-Tank (UK), Skitvarld (UK), Dishumanity (Serbia), Lenincat (Spain), LowFat (Thailand), DISM (Malaysia), Short Thrash (Brazil), Dishöld (Indonesia), and Svartfåglars Begravning (Brazil). Total duration 43:22 minutes.

Full download comes with completed set of coversleeve + inlay. Only the bands featured have the rights to produce physical copies for selling / distribution.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019


THE HIDDEN EXISTENCE: Malaysia’s Electronic / Experimental compilation Part 1 featuring TUNARUNGU, DELUSI, KAO-TIK, HAYATI, DOLOR SONITUS TUMULTUS, FUNEDRONA, SOUNDRIOT, and S.A.M.


Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Interview: LOWFAT

LOWFAT is definitely a unique band. It consisted of some Japanese guys who lived in Thailand. Referring to their list of discography, I recognized that this Bangkok-based 4-piece Hardcore Punk outfit has released and involved in many various artist compilations and splits since the beginning of their existence. LowFat has successfully produced 5 full-length albums up to now, including the latest one entitled “Dive! Survive!!” which was released in June 2018. I got a chance to talk with Sano (vocalist) and we discussed a lot about LowFat. – Interview by Trashnoiser [08.02.2019]

Hello LowFat. How are you doing guys? What has currently changed in the band since the beginning?
Hello. After we recorded our fifth album Van joined as our drummer to replace Toppy, who moved to England. We’ve played a lot of shows with Van since he joined including a tour in Japan last June. We feel lucky to have found so many really solid drummers that we enjoy playing with.

Congratulation for the new album released recently. How was the selling & responses so far?
It’s actually been really good considering we didn’t have a launch party here in Thailand. We’ve been getting a lot of orders online and selling well at shows so we’d say it’s been doing really good.

How do you see the band progressed in this 5th full-length as compared to the previous albums?
Maybe to the listeners our fifth album wasn’t majorly different from our past releases but for us the process was completely new because we really paid attention to all the details and took a lot of time with each song. It just feels like this album is the most true to us.

Is there any special meaning behind the album title “Dive! Survive!!”?
Firstly, this album was our last recorded with Toppy who had played with us for 7 years.

Secondly, this is our first album recorded with our current bassist Takaya, who also wrote one of its tracks, so there is a feeling of “finally” when considering he has been with us for a long time now.

Thirdly, even though Van joined after the album was recorded he did have a part in it as he did the mastering and that made us have to have a lot of discussions on what our sound was going to be, that really challenged us and pushed us forward.

This album just feels like the most “LowFat” album we’ve ever made.

Do you have any great facts about the songwritings and recordings of this new album?
We really went into detail on every song and spent a lot of time writing every part of every track. That’s not to say we overthought or stressed the songs, we had a lot of fun playing with all the different ideas. There were a lot of “where did that even come from? I love it!” moments. It was a really exciting process and we really left our comfort zone, which made it all really fun.

Tell us further about the album production & distribution; both CD and cassette-tape versions?
We did every part of the CD ourselves and printed them here in Thailand, so they haven’t made their way out of Thailand just yet.

Our cassette tape is being handled by Hardcore Detonation in Malaysia.

For those who still unfamiliar with LowFat, please describe the band's music and sound, and also the bands influenced?
LowFat was started in 2006 and the original inspiration was actually Japanese children’s music. I felt that children’s music is always catchy and memorable but I wanted to see how it would be fast and heavy. The idea was that the music would be really different and easy to hear through all the chaos. That was the basis for LowFat.

In 2009, Yusuke went from just helping us out now and then to becoming a full-time member and started contributing more song ideas, making LowFat more of a band after it was mostly just my own music. Yusuke really helped our songs to grow and change.

I’d say we’ve been influenced by all the bands we’ve experienced in our lives but in that we try to stay away from anything that we’ve heard before. If we hadn’t heard some bands we might just be doing what they’re doing!

What are lyrical themes and messages written for “Dive! Survive!!” album?
From the beginning I’ve always just written about my own experiences, about the people around me, about society or politics, negative or positive but I try to have a sense of humor about it all in my lyrics. I want the lyrics to kind of come off as a joke at first but get heavier the more you think about them. There is a lot of sarcasm in my lyrics because I think it allows people to have their own opinions on what I am saying.

LowFat has also re-issued 3rd & 4th album “Too Big Slaves!” in a Pro-CDr right? What was the motive for this re-issue?
There wasn’t any big reason for this. We had sold out our fourth album just as people were starting to know about it so we decided to mix in some tracks from the third album Toppy had recorded and re-release the album as a CD-r. It was purely promotional!

Please share brief information about LowFat involvement in “Siam Underground Volume 1” compilation?
Charlie @ Punk Rock Bangkok setup this project to promote Thai underground bands to the world. He contacted us just as we were finishing our mix so we gave him the track Butsuyoku Paradise from Dive! Survive!! The track is slightly different from the one on our album because it wasn’t mastered by Van. The version you hear on the Siam Underground compilation was mastered by me.

LowFat always presents great artworks on the cd/tape covers. Could you please further describe all the arts?
1st album: Karcsika (Hongry)
2nd album: Au (illustrator, Thailand)
3rd - 5th album: Toppy (a former drummer of LowFat, Thailand)

How about lauching party / gigs / tour, especially for the promotion of the new album?
We were really focused on finishing this latest album before our Japan tour last June so we weren’t able to have a launch party in Thailand. We wanted to but we couldn’t find a venue. We’ve been selling the CDs at our shows and they’ve actually been doing really well.

How’s the hardcore punk scene in Bangkok/Thailand look like? Would you love to recommend any good Siamese hc/punk bands?
New bands are constantly coming and going here so there isn’t a lot of continuity sometimes but as a scene there is still much more happening now than before. 6F has helped bring in a lot of bands from abroad and helped Thai bands support. Even when the music is super heavy, the shows are really inviting so I would suggest any bands wanting to play in Thailand contact 6F.

One hardcore band here I’d recommend is Smell Corpses, a three-piece d-beat band whose drummer is also the vocalist. It’s too bad the band’s members are all across the country now so they don’t play often but if you see their name on a flyer definitely go to that show.

Another band I’d recommend is Bullet Brain. They haven’t played in years but I want everyone to check them out! They’re one of Thailand’s few crust core bands and I don’t know who their influences are but they’ve really got it together. You can find their demos on YouTube.

What is “punk” in your own mind?
Punk to me is having your own opinion, so if you disagree with that you’re a real punk :)

Last words please?
Thank you Noise from Hell for talking to us! We hope to see you in your hometown soon! 

Punks be ambitious!!

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Interview: BESTHÖVEN

D-BEAT fukking rules! BESTHÖVEN is undoubtedly one of the best band from Brazil in this genre! It’s really a pity if you don’t know anything about this band. BESTHÖVEN was there in the scene since 1990 and it’s almost 30 years of existence by now! I don’t think I need to write more for this introduction because Fofäo Discrust is here talking further about BESTHÖVEN, answering all of our questions in details. – Interview by Trashnoiser [25.01.2019]

Hello Besthöven. Please introduce the band, the history and line-up? What encouraged you to form Besthöven?
Well, Besthöven was formed in the end of 1990 in a small city called Gama in the center of Brazil… it was formed with 4 members and initially I was doing only voices… with the time and with the followed years I was playing guitars and voices, bass and voices or drums and voices in some line ups in the first 4 years  co’z our not concrete line up, so in 1995 I decided to keep the band alone, recording myself all instruments and voices and inviting some temporary line ups to gigs here and there, and I’m working this way since then…

I was a young punk with a cool group of friends in a small but really good and active scene that time… with some old and cool local bands also…

That time I did played guitar for a new band and also I was playing like a support bassplayer for another band… but I was trying to do my own band, so I started to compose the songs and look for friends with similar tastes… I was (and I’m still !!) addicted to old Swedish bands from the 80’s like Crude S.S., Fear of War, Anti-Cimex, Bedrövlerz, The Shitlickers and many others… so I was trying to form a band like them, the same way, the same feelings… since we we’re living in Brazil something really sad and strong co’z we was living under shadows of dictatorship and military torture when we was children… so we had that time and forever the fear of serve army and the fear of a war… and when I started to hear bands from Sweden and seeing their feelings about war it was a big identify for me personally… also bands like Crucifix and Discharge also inspired me a fucking lot to wanna have my own band and do my own music and also express my own feelings and fears about it all… these are the strongest reasons to do a band for me…

How would you describe the music and sound of Besthöven? Where did the huge influences come from?
Some part of this questions I just said in first question… since the influences are not  only the music aspects… but also the lyrics… the way they are singing about these sad facts of war… but I can said about the music part that there’s a lot of influences also, specially for Swedish bands like I said in first question and also others bands from 80’s and 90’s as well like; Dischange, Bombraid, Avskum, Asocial, Bombanfall, Crudity, Mob 47, Discard… also Japanese bands like Disclose, Battle of Disarm, Iconoclast, S.D.S., Crow, etc…

Besthöven plays D-beat! but I’m try to be the most original possible I can… sometimes the songs can be more fast or more aggressive… some records can be more slow beat… more melancholic sounds or more chaotic sounds… I record many stuffs always, so I have the total freedom to be working like I want… and sometimes I can be more inspired in one or other way… but at the end is always Besthöven… and I don’t wanna change it in any way…

What sort of issues and messages have been written in most of your lyrics?
Well, the most part of themes are about war, in a general way, about the innocent victims that dying in these wars, about personal feeling sometimes when I sing about a soldier in desperate agony in battlefields… sometimes I’m writing lyrics based in facts I got in war books and war movies-documentaries…

Since I believe that WAR is the worst thing that man creates…

The man is really selfish and sucker… the man will never live in peace, co’z all this greed for power and money…

We have sad examples in historic wars… how it start and for what… every time is the same shit… and of course this shit called “religion” is always behind these fucking wars…

I never suffered anything here when I was a child co’z military and dictatorship government from the past… but we was children we was seeing all that with many peoples in TV news or newspaper… so many unbelieveable things…

So we did grew up with fucked up minds about it all… and with fear to be a victim in future…

And today we have many things to say about it all, so I can say it in my music…

By the way, I have also a small part of lyrics with some more personal themes, about depression or desilusion for example… and of course also a part of themes about Brazilian issues also… we have a big number of kids living in streets without families and with hungry… we have a lot of social problems too… you know…

Which one is the first to take into account in punk; music or lyrics?
For me was music at first! Of course! I was a child and started to hear and love rock music since I was really really young! So after the ‘common’ rock and roll bands we discovered others styles into this like punk, gothic and metal!!

So at first was music!! Really soon the way to dress too…

I can say that Ramones had influenced me a lot when I was child…

There were lot of recordings and stuffs from Besthöven since the beginning. Could you please list us 10 best / essential releases out of the band?
Uou, this is a hard question for me co’z… I’m with Besthöven more than 20 years… so each stuffs have a big importance for me in a way or in some way… I can’t say which one I like more or like less… but I will list some of them ok?

1- “Canção para uma base de míssesis” demo tape 1995 = it was great co’z, it was my first experience recording alone all instruments…

2- “Os mortos insepultos” demo tape 1996 = Another stuff I like a lot, it was a temporary line up with 3 members, and I think the true sound of band was concretizing more and more…

3- “Damn the control” comp. ep 97 = it was my first time in vinyl!! Released in Finland by Otto the drummer of Força Macabra!! I love that ep! And with bands from many different countries of world… after this ep my contacts in overseas did grow up and grow more… it was a big help for the band…

4- “Chaos of destruction vol 2” comp. lp 97 = it was my second time in vinyl, another international raw punk d-beat comp. in a double lp released in Japan by Kawakami-Disclose! I don’t have words to describe how much I love this comp…

5- “Depois de um ataque aereo-ep” 1999 = my first individual ep also… released in Finland also, by Otto again! It is a really simple recording way and many peoples love this ep… this ep made me many happy… in many ways…

Well, each record have their own history and also behind the ep have also their own “making off”… for example the second individual ep “More victims of war” = it was recorded in a studio that never worked with this kind of music… and they do not have drums there… so I get loaned a drum of friend and did carry all instruments and all drum set in small carts of supermarket pushing it all the way till the studio under a fucking hot sun!! hehehe… so is really great after all the “fight” you can got the ep released in other country in your hands and think about it all… you know? and know that people are hearing and enjoy that record! so is really good for me can know this today… every thing was great at the end… including all histories behind…

I have also my “hails” eps… when I got the chance to record my “hail to Japan” ep and my “hail to Sweden” ep also… and can be doing my tribute to the old bands that made part of my own history, part of history of my life too…

Talk something further about some of your recent / latest releases?
Just received my copies of BESTHÖVEN / DISEASE split ep. Also BESTHÖVEN / CHIKARA split cd and tape. Now are out split tape with SÖRDID DOGS. A split lp with ULTIMO GOBIERNO is also to be made soon… Hope to be doing a new full length soon also… I’m working on it now… a new ep and maybe a new lp too…

Kindly please share in brief about your live shows, gigs dan tours? How does Besthöven look like while performing on stage?
Well, I do not play many many gigs… so just few gigs… generally in the end of year for example when it is the birthday of band… or when we receive some bands friends coming to play in my city from others states or others countries…

When there’s some invitations too to play in others cities or states… hope to play more tours in others countries too soon!!

When I play live is generally a temporary line up for it… I sent the set list songs before so a band can be practicing the songs without me and when I arrives we practice together to play the shows!

It’s good in many ways… when I go alone It can be less expensive also, co’z is just one person air tickets for example…

By the way I have a band here also and few gigs I go with the full band… it depends, when and where and how the invitation comes…

What would be your next stuffs and future plans?
Well, I wanna do a full LP again… my last was in 2011… I’d like to do a full big stuff… a full length… with many new songs… since my last stuffs was only splits with few songs only… I love splits!! but now I need something really “full” you know…

And hope to be playing in overseas soon too!! I’d like a lot to be going back to tour Europe again!!
Asia is always a dream to do…

And many countries from our neighbors I’d like to visit and tour also like Perú, Chile, Colombia… etc…

Someone there can help us with touring, please, get in touch!!

How do you define punk? What is punk in your own mind?
Punk is a life style… is be different than the “commom people” is live in a different way… is create a different way of life… is not be conform with all this bullshit and greed that rules the world… is not be selfish like the most of human race is…

is think to yourself! is be original! is be strong!

is live the underground and d.i.y. ways in the deepest breathe…

is organize a gig to friend bands… is keep our way of life alive…

is be resistance against facism! against racism! against homophobia!

is be thinking about small lifes… animal life, when I do not eat meat in any way…

is be strong against all this bullshit of “commom life”…

is not be a slave of fashion… of money… of religion… like the most part of people are…

Thanks for responding. Final words please.
Thanx a lot Joehan for the space and for the cool questions dude!! Hope you like it!! the same way I enjoyed to be answering it here from Brazil to you in Malaysia!! International friendship in punk scene resist!! And to you that got a time to read it too!! Thank you! Dis and cheers!! (Fofäo Discrust).


Introduction: Raw Noise D-Beat from Quito, Ecuador and the band called as DISBRIGADE. “Pocos acordes llenos de odio. Sabiduría empírica, conocimiento impío, detestación frontal hacia el mundo entero, régimen, autoridad, consanguinidad y afecciones banales. Anti reproducción humana, en sapiencia de que el fin del homo sapiens es inminente.” Do you understand? I'm not. That was written on their bandcamp. DISBRIGADE is a band you should look into. So here's a discussion with the founder itself, Mr. Andrés Utreras E. – Interview by Trashnoiser [05.01.2019]

First of all, introduce us the band; history background and line-up? What encouraged you to form Disbrigade?
Disbrigade was born in 2011, as a project of Andrés Utreras E. (owner of Pluteras Records ) where he recorded all instruments and worked on producing about a dozen demos and eps of the band, as well as video clips such as El Llamado (The Calling) and Sobreviviente del Viaje Espacial (Survivor of the Space Trip) directed by Andrés Rofacale and Ganado (Cattle), Motivation (Motivation) and Puñalada (Stab) directed by Andres.

Music wise Disbrigade’s inspiration is to deliver D-beat noise and its lyrics focus on empirical wisdom against authority, corruption of politics and the world’s decline.

In 2015, Disbrigade’s first album is released, which is a compilation of the recordings made during 2014 and 2015.

Between the years 2015 and beginning of 2016, “Testigo Innato del Desprecio” (english: Innate Witness of Contempt) is the name of the second album recorded in its entirety by Andrés (Pluteras Recs) and out in Cdr format in Ecuador, tape format in Peru (Malditos Tapes) and Japan (Sin Fronteras Records), accompanied by a video clip of the same name directed by Andres.

In 2016 Disbrigade’s first live performance takes place with the collaboration of Carlos Idrovo aka PS (Destruye y Destruye / PS) on drums and Alex aka Kalavera on the guitar. This is a milestone that changed Disbrigade from being a one-man band to a band with a line-up. It’s current line-up is Andrés Utreras E. on bass and vocals, Carlos Idrovo on drums and Andrés Enríquez (Kancer S.A.) on guitar. Several live performances under Disbrigade’s name have occurred from national such as the Metal United World Wide - Quito edition and the Punk Disorder Festival.

This year the band participates in the Cabina del Terror live sessions and shares stage with bands like Dexenfreno (Colombia), Destitute (Col) Los Rezios (Peru). In 2017, “Disbrigade” is produced, a commemorative tape of the band’s first presentation in which unpublished songs with guest drummers and a live-recorded track, co-produced “Cutrèfacto Dbeat from the Center of the World”. In addition, a 3 way tape and splits with Infërno (Ecuador), Atomization (Holland), WarCorpse (Greece), Disco (Brazil), La Chusma (Colombia), Trimegisto (Ecuador). 

At the beginning of 2018 the band released a 7 inch vinyl produced by Pluteras Recs and in September they toured Ecuador and Peru, playing with bands such as Wolfbrigade, Dios Hastío, Sistemas de Aniquilación, among others.

Tell us further about your music? How do you describe your sound and where did most of the influences come from?
Disbrigade is the result of extensive trajectory and musical experience, focusing on expressing and creating an environment but not aiming at being excessive of technique, so the influences are varied from dense and dark to fast and noisy. They have released versions of Disputa, Mg15, Besthoven, Discharge, Apathy No.

How is life in Quito, or in Ecuador generally? Do shits like corruptions, oppressions, social and political problems in your country inspired you in writing lyrics?
Ecuador is a third-world country where corruption can be seen in everyday things within its population and reflected in its government. We live in a world decadence and Disbrigade’s lyrics show the path of destruction propagated by humans beyond their nationality and will always be considered a plague.

Share with us a little bit about the way Disbrigade composing songs and recording?
All of Disbrigade’s albums have been created by Andrés Utreras E. and recorded in Pluteras Recs (recording studio in Quito-Ecuador) with support from guest guitarists mainly for solos (at one point a tape recording was released with the participation of 13 guitarists). We also try to gather audio and video sources from live shows and use that in productions.

Composition goes according to historical context or whatever is going on at the moment; the idea is to not force the creative process and let ideas flow.

Disbrigade has a lot of releases so far, right? Which ones are the best, or most essential to the band? 
Yeah, we have various Cdr, tapes, 7” vinyl and live sessions recorded. We believe all are important as they reflect the energy at a point in time but physical formats are always preferred. We are always looking for labels interested in producing our material.

In your opinion, what are the advantages behind doing splits and participating in compilations?
Along with social media, compilations help connect with part of the world harder to reach otherwise which makes it easier for our ideas and material to be communicated to a broader audience. Disbrigade’s participation in splits and compilations will always be important for Disbrigade because we are looking to expand globally.

How about the gigs / live event? Do you ever played outside of Ecuador, and touring anywhere?
Disbrigade has played in Ecuador’s main cities since 2016 and a Peru tour in 2018 along with Wolfbrigade.

What are among the future plans and your hopes for Disbrigade?
We are working on a new album and plan to release it within the first few months of 2019. We’ll also continue to participate in splits and compilations 

Andrés Utreras, you’re also running a label named Pluteras Records and also playing in a grindcore band called Destruye y Destruye. Please inform any recent / lastest news about this.
Destruye y Destruye was formed mid-2015, so far we’ve had two tours in Colombia. The first one in 2016 with Napalm Raid (CAN) and in 2017 with Desobediencia Civil (MEX), No Money, No Sentiments (BEL/ECU) and Bömbardero (CHI). In 2018 Destruye y Destruye toured along with Disbrigade and Wolfbrigade in Peru. Destruye y Destruye has also produced tapes and Cdrs as well as participated in compilations.

Destruye y Destruye has released tape and cdr productions and has participated in compilations as well. We are preparing for a Mexico tour and being part of the yearly Punkytud Festival in 2019.

Pluteras Recs is preparing to release its first 7” vinyl for Destruye y Destruye, a Derecho a la Muerte (Death Grind band) CD Digipack and also expanding its well-known Cabina del Terror, live audio and video recording sessions where more than 160 bands have participated and a new post is released every Thursday and has been doing so for 3 consecutive years. A couple of more productions are in the work and will be announced soon!

Thanks for responding. Final words please.
Thanks for the space given and let the noise propagate!

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