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Interview: CHANGOZ

Two-piece Raw Noise Pollution est. 2009 from Itaugua, Paraguay. I knew CHANGOZ few years ago. A noise terrorist that is really active and productive with hundreds (countless) of releases. CHANGOZ took part in my compilations Noise From Hell and also in a 8-way split entitled “Stop The War Now!” under my now-defuncted label Without Prejudice Records. Hate, noise, play fast and raw are what CHANGOZ stand for since the beginning. It’s time to have a talk with them. Noise, not music! Fuck the melodies! Destroy the music with raw noise pollution! – Interview by Trashnoiser [21.12.2018]

Hello Changoz. How’s life in Itaugua, Paraguay? How does the noise/grind/hc punk scene look like in your homeground?
My friend, thanks for the space in your webzine, grateful. Life in Paraguay is generally hard, corruption and murder became normal, while gentrification and state terrorism are on the rise, but that is life in the third world. The scene in Paraguay is not very big, but it is very united and strong, each band maintains a self-conscious attitude.

Let us the in brief the history behind Changoz and what inspired you to form this band? Who's the band lineup?
The band starts in February 2009, that year we just recorded a rehearsal. In 2010 we started playing in our city with a lot of bands. What inspired us was the need to make noise and show that it can also be expressed through dadaism, breaking imposed structures, destroying music. We had several formations, at one point we were a collective of noise but we returned to the original formation: Piero: blast beats - Wati: distortion/screams.

What’s noisecore in the perspective of Changoz? In your opinions, what things that really important in noisecore music?
The noisecore from our perspective is the resistance to the music industry, managers and all that false life that you sell. Is the essence of anger and nihilism, we live in a reality where hydrogen bombs are manufactured and there are wars. The important thing in my opinion is to have conscience and a lot of strength, it is necessary to know the disc/tapes/vinyl trades, stay active and anti fascist.

Do you define Changoz music as noisecore or more than that?
Basically we do noisecore. At some point we made crust, something raw black or hardcore. We always maintain diversity, each one has its influences, but we keep experimenting with the noise.

How do you manage to compose and record your tracks? 
We do not compose, each album, split and concert is different, just improvisation. We recorded live with a low and raw quality, without effects. Record by track seems complicated to us, we are lovers of the recorded rehearsals and improvised bands.

Do you know about “harshnoise” or any other electronic genres? Did Changoz ever made any split with project/band like that?
Yes, something I love is harsh noise, in fact Piero has his project called Synthmolation, where he makes harsh noise and already has several splits. Also genres such as industrial, HNW, noisegrind or jazz noise. We have splits with projects like Nitts, Stilnox, Dental Work, Ricochet Anal, GSOL, Gooze, Anal Violence, No-joy, Theo Nugraha.

Since you have hundred of releases, can you please mention 10 most important releases to Changoz?
Yes, we are close to 300 materials, it is difficult to make a list, but it would be something like this:
-split w/ Shitnoise Bastards (Malaysia)
-split w/ Deathwank (Scotland)
-split w/ Akratia (Greece)
-split w/ Rascabuches (Paraguay)
-split w/ Agathocles (Belgium)
-split w/ GarciaxVega (United States)
-split w/ Radiacion Suicyda (Mexico)
-split w/ Tres Teztikulos (Peru)
-Ruido en contra del autoritarismo
-Takki Oncoy
-Bonus: split w/ Vitimas Do Crack (Brazil); split w/ Stilnox (Italy); split w/ Chikara (Bosnia / Sweden) and split w/ Virosis (Mexico).

Do you have any releases that make you feel pissed off after it was released? If any, why?
Yes, there is one that I wish I had never release and it is the split with Contra Todo Estado (Paraguay/Argentina). It’s because after a while we got to know each other better and they turned out to be hollow heads, the bass player wanted to hit me, he was a poor football lover, idiot.

Changoz has joined many v/a compilations right? Based on your view, what are the benefits of compilations?
I think we have more than 40 compiled, I lost the account. the importance of the v/a are essential, we appeared in compilations of Colombia, United States, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Portugal, Nepal, England, Paraguay, Germany, and other countries, including some compilation that you edited and there we met several bands with which we have a very strong friendship.

Well, what are the messages within your music/tracks?
About nihilism, wars, social struggles, anti-fascism, anti government and always against the bastard police. We are a band with contents ranging from the nihilist and anarchist, through the coexistence of our day to day. We also vindicate the native struggle against colonization and the freedom of the oppressed collectives.

What's next plan for Changoz? Do you have played in other bands?
To continue with this, is what we believe in, keep making noise and sharing with friends, always active in the world of noise, sharing with bands, organizing concerts and spreading noise. I have an alternative project called Combustiön Radioaktiva where I make all the noise myself. Also with Piero we have a project called JorgexCastro where he plays distortion/screams, while I’m on drums, we are in the process of creating a new label to spread more of what is done in the underground world.

Last words?
Thank you once again for the space, we invite people to activate a label, a netlabel, which is expressed despite not having artistic or musical knowledge, that breaks with prejudices and structures, that open your eyes and hold firm against fascism, there is so much shit everywhere. A big hug from Paraguay. Cheers, freedom and noise!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


SHORT THRASH is a thrashpunk/crossover band from São Gonçalo, Brazil. They have recently released “Crossover Inferno” CD, their debut full-length album. You should check it out and give a listen to their impressively great music. The band has previously released 2 demos and a split. We were in contact with their vocalist, Marcos C. Cardoso and here’s the result of an interview we made with. – Interview by Trashnoiser (17.11.2018)

How do you guys met and got together to form Short Thrash back in February 2008? Introduce us further about the band lineup? Were they from and/or still playing for other bands?
We’ve known each other from São Gonçalo’s Underground scene and we’ve always got together to drink. In 2008, we met at Carlos César’s (guitar) house during Carnaval and he suggested starting a band with me on vocals and Lipson on drums. We composed three songs and added them to Myspace if I’m not mistaken. This lineup lasted a few rehearsals and Lipson left the band sometime later and after that Carlos César also left. Carlos was also a member of a thrash metal band called ULTIMATO at the time and he now plays in a crust/punk project called DECREASING LIFE.

The drummer, Lipson, participated in a demo recording of a black metal band of São Gonçalo called READY TO FUCK long before Short Thrash and had a goregrind project called KAUZ BOREALIS. Unfortunately, Lipson passed away in 2012.

SHORT THRASH had several formations through the years and always had a hard time sticking with band members. We’ve had people playing with the band but never really recording anything, just a few rehearsals and gigs, for example.

I’m the only one living in São Gonçalo at the moment. The guitar and bass players live in Japeri and the drummer lives in São João de Mereti, two different places from the State of Rio de Janeiro. We often meet in the central part of Rio in order to rehearse.

Besides of the recent “Crossover Inferno” album, what have the band released previously?
• First demo: MUNDO CÃO (in CDr) 2010
Lineup: Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals, Jonas Edson – Guitars, Deyvison Santos – Bass, Leandro Silva – Drums

• Split: Short Thrash / God Pussy – Sobrevivência (in CDr) 2013
Lineup: Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals, Guilherme Silva – Guitars, Carlos Souza – Bass, Laercio Martins – Drums

• Short Demo (in Cdr) 2015
Lineup: Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals, Vinicius Gomez – Guitars, Juan Blitchz – Bass, Carlos Souza – Drums

• In 2015, we participated in a digital compilation album called Noise From Hell Compilation Vol.9 with the track “Black Short”

Tell us in details about the full-length CD entitled “Crossover Inferno”? How was the responses and feedbacks you got so far? Do you really satisfied with the entire recordings and production?
The CD entitled Crossover Inferno was recorded in 2015/2016 and early 2017 with our main tracks and lineup of the time. It was produced and mixed by Vinicius Gomez, our guitar player, in his home studio at Japeri. We first released it digitally and Ataque Underground Distro later distributed on September 7, 2018. Our audience liked the result.

What would the best description for your music and sound? Which bands that really inspired Short Thrash in songwrirings?
Realistic, violent, anti-conservative, atheist, a mixture of thrash metal with hardrock and punk rock. Bands: Ratos de Porão, Suicidal Tendencies, Lobotomia, Napalm Death, Nuclear Assault and Motörhead.

Could we find any distinctive characteristics or particular trademark of Short Thrash musically?
Short Thrash delivers a powerful strong vocal with anti-totalitarian discourse. Our shows are full of energy and sick riffs.

How do you see the band evoluate in “Crossover Inferno” as compared to your old materials?
The band is much more cohesive and brutal.

What were written in your lyrics? How do you want to spread the messages internationally at the same time you sing in your mother language?
Marcos C. Cardoso – Our lyrics talk about atheism, violence present in our country, anti-conservatism, binge drinking, anti-homofobia, anti-fascism, and we call politicians out for imposing their religious beliefs in our society.

I prefer singing in portuguese because it is my native language. I like the fact that Brazilians can understand our lyrics without looking for translations. Other Brazilian bands like Ratos de Porão and Lobotomia go on tours and they sing in portuguese as well!

What were among the best moments you guys have ever experienced in playing gigs and live shows?
A gig at Rua Ceará in Bigode’s Bar back in 2011 – It was unforgettable. A gig in Nova Iguaçu at Estúdio B called Cruzada Metal, the crowd going crazy. And in Brás de Pina at Subúrbio Alternativo – we played there several times and, to me, it was one of the best underground spots of Rio de Janeiro.

Do you have dreams having tour to other continental or sharing a stage with big bands?
Yes, that would be amazing!

You guys from São Gonçalo, Brazil right? How's the underground DIY music scene look like over there?
There is a lot happening thanks to members from different bands organizing their own gigs and shows in Rio. It happens a lot less here in São Gonçalo. There is one event called Sunday Gory Sunday in which we only played once. We mostly go to Rio to play, but we plan to come back playing in São Gonçalo and other places soon.

What can we expect from Short Thrash in the future?
Play more, record materials. We now have a brand new drummer who is looking forward to play with us.

Current lineup:
Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals
Vinicius Gomez – Guitars
Juan Blitchz – Bass
Henrique Silva – Drums

Please close this interview with few last words?
You will hear from us soon in a compilation entitled Music for Freak People Vol. 1, by Scum Records (Mexico) with the track Zona de Lixo Eleitoral. Thank you very much for the support. This was our very first international interview and I hope everyone liked it. Thank you for those who read it and please follow us on all our social medias. Best regards, Marcos C. Cardoso.

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HARAMJADAH ditubuhkan pada 11 September 2014 kalau mengikut catatan di facebook mereka. Band ini agak aktif sekitar 2015 di mana rilisan-rilisan terawal mereka adalah seperti “Make Noise Not War! (The Rehearsal Collection)” dan “self-titled” Promo 2015 menerusi label sendiri, Without Prejudice Records. Kemudiannya diikuti beberapa rilisan split cd-r dan banyak juga projek-projek kompilasi yang mereka sertai. Sebaik mengeluarkan “Merdeka Hanya Pada Nama” Demo 2015, Haramjadah senyap dan semakin lenyap dari scene untuk beberapa tahun sehinggalah baru-baru ini Blazt Promotion dilihat meriliskan dua split cd-r mereka; Psychotic Sufferance / Haramjadah “Facing The Global Crisis” (Februari 2018) dan Haramjadah / High On Hate “Lost Of Humanity” (Oktober 2018). Setelah beberapa kali memujuk, aku akhirnya dapat juga menemubual brader Ajid a.k.a Harshziqr Huru Hara mengenai status dan rilisan terkini Haramjadah. – Temubual oleh Trashnoiser (21.10.2018)

Hello Haramjadah. Apa khabar kauorang?
First of all, terima kasih bro kerana masih sudi interview Haramjadah walaupun dah diberitahu band ni ibarat hidup segan mati tak mau. Aku baik-baik aje bro. Haramjadah ni bukan la disbanded, cuma sekarang inactive due to certain problems. 

Share sikit sejarah penubuhan & lineup band ni?
Haramjadah started sekitar September 2014 gitu. Mulanya berdua je, aku (Ajid) on vocals dan Rasid (guitars/drums). Tak lama kemudian Tan (guitars) joined. Band ni active lebihkurang setahun je, haha! Sampai last kita release demo “Merdeka Hanya Pada Nama” pada Ogos 2015, Tan berundur pastu Rasid juga tarik diri due to respective commitments. So sekarang tinggal aku sorang apa pun tak boleh, hahahaa!

Tak silap band ni dah lama senyap tetiba keluarkan dua split, bersama Psychotic Sufferance dan satu lagi dengan High On Hate. Haramjadah aktif semula?
Actually kedua-dua split tu split lama yang tak rilis-rilis. Huge thanks to Blazt Promotion dan bro Pyan (Bangkit! Zine) yang tak henti-henti menanya tentang material Haramjadah. Split dengan Psychotic Sufferance “Facing The Global Crisis” tu sepatutnya dah release bawah label band sendiri Without Prejudice Records tapi entahnya dengan masalah takde budget plus aku time tu dah tinggal sorang diri maka physical cd yang kita plan tak keluar seperti yang dirancang. Sedih la Amir PxSx dah takde. Then, High On Hate tu sebenarnya projek solo / one-man-band si Rasid. Cerita lebih kurang la, perancangan yang tak kesampaian. Since tracks tu dah lama ada, Rasid pun bagi greenlight... so why not serah kat Blazt untuk release both splits. Aktif semula tu tak mungkin la kot buat masa ni. Aku cuma fokus projek harshnoise KAO-TIK je lah kot sekarang ni.

Macamana kauorang define music & sound Haramjadah?
Hmm.. grindcore, harshnoise, noisegrind! Tu je terms kita pakai sebab selain grinding music kita ada jugak compose dan selit harshnoise tracks dalam kita punya release. Inspirasi kita memang luas, dari yang oldschool sampai modern grind even kita selalu jugak refer to brutal/slamming deathmetal. 

Lirik-lirik lagu kauorang pasal apa?
Mostly political issues. Termasuk juga la anti-war, social problems, penentangan ke atas fascism/rascism/nazism, etc.

Selain daripada dua splits terbaru, rilisan lama Haramjadah masih available?
Maaf bro Johan. Dah takde. Haramjadah ni pun kebanyakannya release digital je dan sering juga participated dalam compilation. Boleh check dan download di kalau minat. Dalam format fizikal memang dah takde.

Macamana dengan gigs dan tour?
No experiences, hahahaa! Haramjadah ni band studio je sebenarnya dan kita banyak experiment dengan samplings & programming. Sejak awal memang kita plan just “compose-record-release” tanpa main live/gigs.

Apa next plans Haramjadah?
Again, no plans haha! Aku dah tinggal sorang nak carry on secara solo pun rasa berat, tambah dengan malas hahahaa! Tengok la kalau Rasid nak bergabung tenaga semula. Tan payah dah since dia dah moved to Australia. So buat masa ni aku fokus harshnoise KAO-TIK dan cuba-cuba buat zine nama FAST AS FUCK -

Pendapat kauorang tentang scene d.i.y underground tempatan?
Good! Very-very good lah. Bands bagus-bagus makin banyak. Gigs every weeks. Venues makin bertambah. PARKINSON released new EP tapi sayangnya “final release” dari mereka khabarnya. Legendary Jimbo bikin DISLODOS sekarang, fucking raw crusty grind!! TOOLS OF THE TRADE dah beberapa kali main kat Europe. EXPURGATED pun baek. Yang terbaru aku dengar TUSSOCK comeback with new demo. Power!

Last words?
Sekali lagi terima kasih Johan susah-payah interview Haramjadah. Kalau ada rezeki, ruang dan peluang Haramjadah akan kembali berkarya, buat lagu dan rekod tapi bukan dalam masa terdekat ni. Kemungkinan untuk terus berkubur pun ada, haha! Tak silap ada satu lagi unreleased EP,  tu nanti aku try check balik. Akhirkata, make noise not war!

*Interviewed for zine MY OWN MIND #2

Friday, 19 October 2018

Interview: OVERHÄUL

Rocking! Nasty! Metal! and Punk! OVERHÄUL release debut demo “Rock n Roll Fuel” sekitar Disember 2017, dalam format cassette-tape oleh Basement Records. Kemudian Warfare Records dari Indonesia juga ada keluarkan demo-tape tersebut untuk pasaran negara berkenaan. “Rock n Roll Fuel” ada 5 tracks termasuk intro; muzik dirty, rocking, speed metalpunk padu! – Temubual oleh Trashnoiser (18.10.2018)

Hello Overhäul. Perkenalkan tentang band ni dan line-up?
Hello. Overhäul from Shah Alam here! Dianggotai oleh 3 orang iaitu Kerry on guitar/vox, Faiz on bass and Remie on drum. We play metalpunk!!

Amacam sambutan orang terhadap demo Rock n Roll Fuel?
Sambutannya sangat menggalakkan dan kami amat berterima kasih di atas segala sokongan dan sambutan. Ramai yang bagi feedback yang baik serta share link bandcamp serta youtube kami dan juga membeli tape demo tersebut dan itu membuatkan kami semangat untuk buat lebih baik di masa akan datang. Terima kasih sekali lagi atas sokongan! 

Apa description muzik Overhäul dan influence terbesar kauorang?
Metalpunk! attitude dan musik... Big influence adalah seperti GATES dan INEPSY.

Rujuk pada demo tu kauorang puashati tak dengan kualiti rakaman?
Dari segi rakaman sangat berpuashati cuma semasa transfer ke kaset ada sedikit noise disebabkan kilang dan ianya berbeza dari sound asal... tapi kami memang berpuashati kerja ‘filthgrindz work’ yang banyak membantu semasa rekoding serta mixing yang sangat kami suka hasilnya. Maybe soon akan dirilis kembali dalam bentuk cd demo tu... apapun tunggu.

Kenapa kuning jadi pilihan untuk warna coversleeve kaset demo tu?
Eyecatching... dan attraction! of course AtomicRoar dari Brazil dah buat dulu dan aku buat sebab aku suka dan ia sangat membantu. Ada sesstengah band muziknya bagus tapi jika artworknya gagal ia sangat tidak membantu band.

Apa cerita Indonesia Edition bawah Warfare Records?
Kami beri dia kebenaran untuk rilis kembali di bawah labelnya untuk pasaran Indonesia... dan ianya sangat terhad. Itu semua untuk tujuan promosi. Pernah juga satu label Mexico kata mahu rilis cd tapi senyap akhirnya... dan maybe Basement interested untuk cd version tu.

Dah ada plan untuk masuk recording studio & release material baru?
Kami dah ada beberapa lagu untuk project seterusnya bersama Basement Records KL... dan kami akan masuk studio selepas studio Gagak Hitam di Kajang selesai proses renovation... kami selesa di sama. Next project adalah full 7” EP.

Overhäul ni band sub-project ke? Atomicdeath apa cerita?
I can say that Overhaul adalah project studio sahaja. Sehingga kini kami masih belum ada live show lagi and maybe lepas 7” rilis kami akan cuba perform... maaf kepada semua kawan-kawan yang tak henti-henti menjemput untuk live show. Atomicdeath sedang giat berlatih untuk rakaman album pertama yang harapnya akan rilis tahun hadapan. Semoga lancar.

Lima band/album yang kauorang kerap dengar buat masa ni?
– Mandragora “Waves of Steel” (heavy metal from Peru)
– Exothermix “Reaction” (thrash metal from Malaysia)
– Necrot “Blood Offering” (death metal from US)
– Tasyim EP (black/death from Malaysia)
– Motörhead “Motorizer”

Last words?
Terima kasih pada kamu sudi interview kami... teruskan usaha buat zine ni. Kepada yang menyokong kami thanks banyak-banyak dan kami hargai sokongan anda semua. Teruskan menyokong local band serta band-band yang baru dari mana sahaja asalnya. Jangan takut untuk mencuba dengar sesuatu yang baru. Jaga diri dan jaga kesihatan!

*Interviewed for zine MY OWN MIND #2

Thursday, 18 October 2018


MY OWN MIND issue #1
Published: August 2018


TUNARUNGU / Reviews Section / Sajak-Sajak Underground

A split-zine with Bangkit! Fanzine #9
MOM#1 @ Bangkit! Publishing Support Division


MY OWN MIND issue #0
Published: January 2018


PERPETUAL / PENGUASA ANJING / BAKTERIA / DOOM (UK) / Noise From Hell updates / Sajak-Sajak Underground

This is a trial issue (limited 50 copies)
MOM#0 @ Bangkit! Publishing Support Division

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Interview: MORTIFY

MORTIFY based in Tokyo, Japan and their musicstyle is Swedish Style Grindcore! The band consists of Adam (vocals), Tak (guitars) and Ryo (drums). Back on November 26th, 2017 they released their debut 5 tracks demo, simply entitled “Demo 2017”. MORTIFY is basically a new name in the GRIND scene but the demo was really awesome and show us their potential. Here’s an interview with Mortify, answered by Adam.

Tell us the history of Mortify’s existence and who’s who behind the band lineup? The members came from different bands right?
Hello! Thank you for the interview. Yes, so I met Ryohei when my band Disrotted came to Japan in 2015. We did a split cd with his band su19b. We became friends and stayed in touch, which led to Disrotted returning in 2017 to do more shows with su19b in Japan and Korea. I let Ryohei know that I was planning to move to Japan, and we thought it would be fun to start a band together. I moved here in June of 2017, and he introduced me to Koreeda. I am in Disrotted and I have also played in Sick/Tired, Paucities, and Winters in Osaka. Ryohei is in su19b and also Final Exit. Koreeda plays in Trikorona and was also in Coffins.

Please clarify further about your musicstyle and what sort of bands that truly influenced your music? Why you chose Swedish HM-2 style Grindcore?
It was Ryohei’s idea for us to try and capture the sound of old Regurgitate mixed with the HM-2 death metal tone. I think my idea originally was for Mortify to be something weirder like later day Disharmonic Orchestra mixed with Disastrous Murmur, but I am very happy with the sound and concept of this band. This is pure, old school grindcore sprinkled with a hint of death metal to spice it up.

Let us know everything about your Demo 2017 especially about the recording sessions and the first cd-r version by Y Records?
Right after I moved to Japan, Ryohei sent me the demo tracks. I was living about an hour and half away from him and Koreeda at the time, so I wrote the lyrics and practiced all of the vocals at home. They recorded the tracks and sent me the final versions, which I then sent my vocals for mixing. We weren’t in the same room together until many months later when it was time to practice for our first show. 

Heard that the demo also available on cassettes under Grindfather Productions (Europe) and recently on Happy Records (Malaysia). Your comment on these versions?
I am humbled that so many labels from all over the world have wanted to work with us, and believed in the band so early on to want to rerelease it. All of the different versions look amazing. 

What are you talking about through your lyrics? Do you think that lyrics is as important as the music?
The lyrics are a homage to bands like Impetigo, Haemorrhage and Dead Infection and Regurgitate. All of those bands have influenced me since I was young, and I wanted to do lyrics that were strictly gore related, but also in a campy, tongue in cheek sort of way. The lyrics are very important to the band, even if the listener cannot really understand the vocals. The entire sound of Mortify is meant to sound gross and nasty, so the lyrics need to match the sound we have chosen. 

Please share with us some of your live shows and gigs? Do you intend to tour outside of Japan?
We have played some really awesome shows so far! Our first show was in support of Men’s Toilet, which comprises of members from both Japan and the US. We have also gotten the chance to play with Necrophile and Rotten Sound and recently we opened for Heinous too. We have a busy schedule this summer, opening for Fubar in a few weeks and then travelling to Nagoya for the annual Grindfreaks show which is being headlined by Wojczech. I am also excited to play with Whoresnation this summer too. No plans as of yet to play outside of Japan, but we would all love too.

What’s the next plan and upcoming releases from Mortify? What can we expect on your new tracks? 
There is a new track called “Rigor Mortis Teens” that can be heard on the Grindfreaks compilation. Anyone interested can check out the Unholy Grave FB for info on how to buy it. I am not sure if the compilation will end up online. And we are working hard on finishing up our first LP which we hope to begin tracking this summer. The plan is for the LP to be 20 songs, plus we will record a few bonus tracks and covers in the same session.

Tell us in brief about current Grind/Noise scene in Tokyo?
There are many awesome bands here and it is a real pleasure to be able to play and see these bands on a regular basis. Self Deconstruction plays every week (sometimes several times a week) and is the tightest and craziest grindcore band, hands down. Endless respect to them. There are some other great bands like GFF (Euro goregrind/groove), Cunts (insane noisecore), Oniku, Butcher ABC (legends), In the Weeds (ex Facialmess), Asocial Terror Fabrication (crusty grindcore), Needle Contaminated Pork (one man slam)... I can go on and on. There are tons of shows always going on here and the scenes; whether it be noise or grind or death metal or hardcore etc etc are all healthy and full of nice and incredible people.

Well, are there any merchandises such as t-shirt, patches, etc available from Mortify?
Yes! If you go to our Facebook page, you will find information on how to pick up some merch. We have stickers, buttons, short sleeves and longsleeve shirts at the moment. 

Few last words please?
A true thank you to everyone who has supported Mortify so far. We are happy with the response to the demo, and we are working hard to wrap up the Lp, which will promise to be faster, darker, more gruesome and disgusting than the demo. Cheers to all the fans and thanks for the interview! TASTE OUR SWEDISH BUZZSAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

*Replied on April 26, 2018

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Interview: CHIKARA

I knew Dario Marić (from Bosnia and Herzegovina) since few years ago while he was still with his old (now disbanded) noisecore band named Šuga. When I met him again this year, he’s now played and involved in many projects; Ersterator, Diskonekcija, many others and the one I interviewed here is CHIKARA. This Raw Hardcore Punk/Crust band also involves a vocalist / lyricist named Johnny Roadkill (from Sweden), another active guy from Puta Malaria, Skitnaste Records/Netlabel and many others bands & projects. Check out this new but great band called CHIKARA which found in 2017. Get more information about them through the following conversation. – Interview by Trashnoiser

Hello Dario Marić. How are you? What was happened to your previous projects & bands, I mean Šuga?
Hello, I’m great and you? Well I have a lot of projects behind me, but Šuga doesn’t exist anymore, we all had our disagreements, mostly because of drugs and alcohol, so we just ended it, and I left it at that.

I’m here to interview your new band Chikara. When and how was this band get formed? Let us know what other bands you involved in beside of Chikara?
After I did a split with Puta Malaria, (my project involved was Ersterator), in November 2017, Skitnaste and I decided to combine our sounds, and that’s how Chikara was born. About my other bands that are active; there’s the newest one, Sarlah, hardcore punk, then there’s Millions of Dead Parazites (MxDxP), gorenoise, with Mariano Trump from Fekal Propulsion, Diskonekcija, crust punk, which ended up as a solo project, and then there’s my other solo project, Ersterator, noisy punk band about my favourite beer. Other than that there’s a few other bands that aren’t active anymore.

Who’s Johnny Roadkill, the person who put his vocals for Chikara?
He’s one of the best noisecore maniacs in the scene! I would say he’s best known for his one of a kind sound, where he’s committed to old school style of noise. Puta Malaria is one of his best projects, but he has many more, such as Anal Ricochet, Status: Kawakami, Fucking Fart, and many more which you can check out on his bandcamp ( Another thing I would like to mention about him that he’s a great activist for animal and human rights and he’s such a big support to everyone in the scene.

Special question for Johnny Roadkill: What other bands / projects you played in beside of Puta Malaria? 
Yes bro I’m Johnny and Roadkill is my artist name, Skitnaste is my label.  Nice to talk to you too bro. My active projects are Anal Ricochet, Status: Kawakami, Fucking Fart, Nicki Minoise, Tarmförskjutning, Järnlunga and more. My inactive projects are Error Grinder, Klibbiga Fingrar, Major Krøsamaja, Häleri, Världelös, RUNK, Villfarelse, Tutorial Faceplant and more. Bands I’m in are 53704, WarTvictims, Mastürbate and Rattling Outlaws and I have done alot of collabs also.

How do you define and describe the musicstyle of Chikara? What sort of bands that influence your music direction?
Chikara is a raw crust punk band, the music style that influenced it the most is old school Balkan crust, mostly bands from the 80’s and 90’s and we try to stick to that old school-noisy style, while Skintase completes the band with his vocals and lyrics, and all that makes Chikara what it is. Bands that influenced the sound of Chikara the most are bands such as Faak Am See, Fight Back, AK47, Pas Maters and so on.

How’s the process of songwritings look like? Do you have a plan for each track, rehearse few times before recording or simply plug-play-and-record?
I simply plug-play-and-record the songs, and after that Roadkill writes the lyrics and adds the vocals.  It doesn’t take us a lot of time to make the songs because we really have a lot of ideas. We usually make few tracks in one day.

So far (as for January 2018) how many releases have been released by Chikara? Give us a list of 10 most essential/important releases?
So far we have one EP and one album, and over 15 splits with other bands, and a lot of splits are currently in the making. I can’t really list 10 most essential releases, because every one of those had an impact on Chikara. Also, I really don’t wanna put any band we worked with above any other, we’re thankful for all of the support from every single one of them!

What are the lyrics all about?
We have a wide range of subjects in our lyrics. They’re about animal and human rights, against the system, against drug addiction, against wars and terrorism, about crust punk in general, and people in the scene. You can check some of our lyrics out on youtube, on our EP and album. I think its also worth to mention that at first they were in English, but now we switched to Swedish.

Do you guys play live / join any gigs?
Well as of now, it’s impossible for us to do that, first of all because I live in Bosnia and Roadkill lives in Sweden, but maybe in the future we will organize a gig, after we find another band member, because currently I’m the one playing the guitar and the drums, so we would definitely need another member for playing live.

What are the next plans and among the big target you set for Chikara?
Our biggest target is to be the band with the most splits, and become legendary because of it hahaha! But yeah, we have a lot of planned splits with punk, crust, grind, noise bands. Among those there are bigger bands such as Agathocles and some other, but we’ll keep those a surprise.

Last words please? Thank you.
First I would like to thank you so much for this interview, it’s special for us, as this is our first one. I would also like to thank Roadkill for his endless support, and a big thank you to all people who listen to the stuff we make, who support and are engaged in the noise scene, we really appreciate it. And to end this interview: WE ARE CHIKARA AND WE’RE HERE TO STAY!

*Replied on January 31, 2018

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


NOISE MACHINE is not strange in the harsh-noise scene. This project has been into the industries for more than 20 years, since the 90’s. Based in Juazeiro, Bahia in Brazil, Noise Machine already has hundred of releases in various formats and the name was widespread well around the globe. This is a harsh-noise monster you should look at and listen to once you started exploring the genres including Harsh, Noise, Industrial, Power-Electronics, HNW and the likes. Here we have Marcelo França, the man behind all noises, effects and mics of Noise Machine.

Hello Marcelo França. First of all, please introduce us something about you yourself?
I started to get interested in extreme sound in the mid 80’s, in that period I founded a goregrind band called Gore. In the early 90’s it was when I discovered noise and from then on I did not stop listening.

Tell us the history of Noise Machine and what really inspired you to form this harsh-noise project?
I founded Noise Machine in the mid 90’s, I already knew some harsh noise projects, such as: Atta, Merzbow, Incapacitants, Hijokaidan, Hanatarash, Napalmed and I thought the noise coming out of the speakers sound very interesting, so I decided to do that too .

Could you please describe the “noise” sound of Noise Machine and who influenced your noise-making?
Noise Machine produces harsh noise influenced by Japanoise, raw and no time to rest, total old school.

Hope you don’t mind to share about your track composing and recording. What sort of tools, gadjets and softwares you use each time you compose and record a track?
I usually make noise using softwares like: guitar rig, reaper, audacity, sometimes I record field noises, sound pollution, these shits all and then I edit, I add some more effects in a specific software.

How do you determine the titles of each track? What are the themes or messages behind your harsh-noise project?
Brazil is a complicated country to live in, there is a lot of corruption, violence in the streets, misery, hunger and this all inspires me at the moment of passing a message through the Noise Machine compositions.

I think it’s hard to list out your discography which consists of hundred of releases. But, could you please let us know 10 most essential releases of Noise Machine and in brief, why they are essential?
Hard job this, but I’ll try. Stuffs that I released in the 90’s I think very important for the Brazilian noise scene, there was the beginning of all: 

Noise Machine - Morbid Experimentations (demo-tape / 1997), Noise Machine / WW? / Sonic Genocide - To Change The World Change Yourself (3 way tape / 1997), Noise Machine / Kwashiorkor - Dueto de Barulho (split-tape / 1998) and Noise Machine / WW? (split-tape / ????). 

During the decade of the 2000s I was reclusive, not produce nothing, my return was in 2011, and so far keep in active during this period I released some stuffs that are important to me. 

Noise Machine / Kyllie Minoise (split cdr), Noise Machine / Armenia (split cdr), Noise Machine / Caos Sonoro (split-tape), Noise Machine / Napalmed / I Eternal (3 way cdr), Noise Machine / God Pussy / Sleep Of Ages / Incapacitants (4 way cdr pro), Noise Machine / Anarcho Vomit Noise (split cdr - dvd case).

Please describe Noise Machine while on stage performing live?
So far the Noise Machine has not performed live.

Why most of harsh-noise products released digitally?
In my case, I release both in digital format and in physical format. We are in other times and what works well today for independent artists is to promote their stuff on digital platforms.

What is your opinion about harsh-noise scene in your country Brazil and worldwide? 
Here in Brazil the harsh noise scene has been growing a lot, there are projects that take this business seriously, such as: God Pussy, Sleep Of Ages, P.M.N.T., Pompeii Burning, Verme, D.O.M., AVN, S.S.S.S., among others that I have forgotten now. On the world stage I always enjoyed what comes from Japan, USA, the guys know how nobody makes a good noise.

How do you see the future of Noise Machine and please end up this interview with last few words?
The future of Noise Machine is to continue doing harsh noise, releasing stuffs in the diy scheme and more than anything to always strengthen the Brazilian scene and who knows world. I thank you immensely for the interview, it was very pleasant for me to answer the questions. Harsh Noise till’ death!

*Replied on December 28, 2017