Friday, 10 July 2015

NOISE FROM HELL COMPILATION VOL​​​​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​​​​20

NOISE FROM HELL COMPILATION VOL.20 featuring AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA (Slovenia), APE UNIT (Italy), ATOMIZATION (Netherlands), BAKTERIA (Malaysia), DISLIES (Indonesia), FOSA COMÚN (Guatemala), HAZLO TU MISMX (Argentina), NEGATION (Malaysia), OVARYROT (Sweden/USA), RANCID (USA), RIKAVAC (Montenegro), SUSTËEM KOOMA (Portugal), TERSSALAHH (Malaysia), THE DUCKS (Australia), THICK SKULL (Canada), TORMENT THE SKIES (Brazil) and WARLOK (Indonesia).

01. Aktivna Propaganda - Podobe iz teme
02. Ape Unit - Go Kart Cobain
03. Atomization - Strategic Bomber
04. Bakteria - Mindless Act
05. Dislies - Genocide is Hell
06. Fosa Común - Fosa Común (Plan Fracaso 82)
07. Hazlo Tu Mismx - Se la dan de jipis
08. Negation - Critical Nostril Maggot
09. Negation - Talk To The Hand
10. Negation - To Kill The Chief
11. Ovaryrot - Equitable Retribution
12. Rancid - Pray For Nuclear War
13. Rikavac - Kuku Mene Majko
14. Rikavac - Tup si Kao Cigla
15. Sustëem Kooma - Another Victim, Another War
16. Terssalahh - Fuck GST
17. Terssalahh - Fuck Society
18. The Ducks - The Moon
19. Thick Skull - Skull Thickener
20. Torment The Skies - Carnal Lechery
21. Warlok - Pastikan (Kau) Aman
22. Warlok - Tanah Yang Hilang

*include cover arts for CD and Tape format.


Thanks for downloading. Enjoy the music. Make it on physical copied CD-R or Tape (dubbed on 90 minutes blank tape) for personal non-commercial uses. Only featured bands in this volume have the rights to produce (unlimited) copies of CD-R/Tape for sale/trade. Spread the madness! Support each other, make noise not war!

#hxc punk, noise/grind, crust, thrash/metal punks band do submit your track for the next volume.. send to or

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