Tuesday, 2 January 2018


NOISE MACHINE is not strange in the harsh-noise scene. This project has been into the industries for more than 20 years, since the 90’s. Based in Juazeiro, Bahia in Brazil, Noise Machine already has hundred of releases in various formats and the name was widespread well around the globe. This is a harsh-noise monster you should look at and listen to once you started exploring the genres including Harsh, Noise, Industrial, Power-Electronics, HNW and the likes. Here we have Marcelo França, the man behind all noises, effects and mics of Noise Machine.

Hello Marcelo França. First of all, please introduce us something about you yourself?
I started to get interested in extreme sound in the mid 80’s, in that period I founded a goregrind band called Gore. In the early 90’s it was when I discovered noise and from then on I did not stop listening.

Tell us the history of Noise Machine and what really inspired you to form this harsh-noise project?
I founded Noise Machine in the mid 90’s, I already knew some harsh noise projects, such as: Atta, Merzbow, Incapacitants, Hijokaidan, Hanatarash, Napalmed and I thought the noise coming out of the speakers sound very interesting, so I decided to do that too .

Could you please describe the “noise” sound of Noise Machine and who influenced your noise-making?
Noise Machine produces harsh noise influenced by Japanoise, raw and no time to rest, total old school.

Hope you don’t mind to share about your track composing and recording. What sort of tools, gadjets and softwares you use each time you compose and record a track?
I usually make noise using softwares like: guitar rig, reaper, audacity, sometimes I record field noises, sound pollution, these shits all and then I edit, I add some more effects in a specific software.

How do you determine the titles of each track? What are the themes or messages behind your harsh-noise project?
Brazil is a complicated country to live in, there is a lot of corruption, violence in the streets, misery, hunger and this all inspires me at the moment of passing a message through the Noise Machine compositions.

I think it’s hard to list out your discography which consists of hundred of releases. But, could you please let us know 10 most essential releases of Noise Machine and in brief, why they are essential?
Hard job this, but I’ll try. Stuffs that I released in the 90’s I think very important for the Brazilian noise scene, there was the beginning of all: 

Noise Machine - Morbid Experimentations (demo-tape / 1997), Noise Machine / WW? / Sonic Genocide - To Change The World Change Yourself (3 way tape / 1997), Noise Machine / Kwashiorkor - Dueto de Barulho (split-tape / 1998) and Noise Machine / WW? (split-tape / ????). 

During the decade of the 2000s I was reclusive, not produce nothing, my return was in 2011, and so far keep in active during this period I released some stuffs that are important to me. 

Noise Machine / Kyllie Minoise (split cdr), Noise Machine / Armenia (split cdr), Noise Machine / Caos Sonoro (split-tape), Noise Machine / Napalmed / I Eternal (3 way cdr), Noise Machine / God Pussy / Sleep Of Ages / Incapacitants (4 way cdr pro), Noise Machine / Anarcho Vomit Noise (split cdr - dvd case).

Please describe Noise Machine while on stage performing live?
So far the Noise Machine has not performed live.

Why most of harsh-noise products released digitally?
In my case, I release both in digital format and in physical format. We are in other times and what works well today for independent artists is to promote their stuff on digital platforms.

What is your opinion about harsh-noise scene in your country Brazil and worldwide? 
Here in Brazil the harsh noise scene has been growing a lot, there are projects that take this business seriously, such as: God Pussy, Sleep Of Ages, P.M.N.T., Pompeii Burning, Verme, D.O.M., AVN, S.S.S.S., among others that I have forgotten now. On the world stage I always enjoyed what comes from Japan, USA, the guys know how nobody makes a good noise.

How do you see the future of Noise Machine and please end up this interview with last few words?
The future of Noise Machine is to continue doing harsh noise, releasing stuffs in the diy scheme and more than anything to always strengthen the Brazilian scene and who knows world. I thank you immensely for the interview, it was very pleasant for me to answer the questions. Harsh Noise till’ death!

*Replied on December 28, 2017