Friday, 7 November 2014


"Book of Flags" Vinyl LP
Tandang Records / Framecode Records

The long-awaited debut vinyl release by local Post-Hardcore band KILLEUR CALCULATEUR is slated to be released on 9th November. According to the posting by Tandang Store (a.k.a. Tandang Records), 300 copies on black vinyl have been pressed, and it’s open for pre-orders from Monday, 3rd November. These pre-orders would come with free buttons and patches.

PRE-ORDER START NOW AND LIMITED to 50 COPIES. 2 copies maximum for each person. PRE-ORDER PRICE: RM50 (free Patch & Button). RETAIL NORMAL: RM55 (will be on the street starting from 8th November 2014. First edition of 300 copies. Black Vinyl). It's running fast so hurry up!! E-mail or

Tracks from the album are also available for download from bandcamp, itunes and more.

Do check out the video of Golden Triangle, one of the tracks featured on "Book of Flags" Vinyl LP. You can download the song for free at

Find out details at:

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