Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Interview: BRAYOK

BRAYOK is a four-piece Ipoh-based punk rock band which blends ska and reggae into their sound. They started in the year 2004 and have joined a 4-way split in 2007 entitled "Punkrock Paradox" as well joined a few compilations. They have played everywhere nationwide. The band has recently released "Let's Go!" features all the best songs they have in their catalog. Consisted of Rudy (guitars/vocals), Syamil (bass/vocals), Yan (guitars/vocals) and Solih (drums/vocals), here's an interview with the BRAYOK.

[1] First of all, how did you guys get together and built up this insane BRAYOK team? The bandname sounds unique I think, what does it mean actually? 
We started on 2004, that time our line up was Rudy on guitar, Syamil on bass and drummer Solih.. Shortly after that, on 2009 we decided to have an additional guitar and Yan was take part in Brayok.. Brayok is a word came from Terengganu, meaning of Brayok is something like flithy or 'kata maki' Rudy was really want to use this name for a long time before..

[2] I read that BRAYOK plays Punk Rock mixed with Ska and Reggae. How do you personally describe / elaborate further about this music style? Do you think that bands such as NOFX, Bad Religion and Carburetor Dung really give major influences into your direction?
Yes, we are play Punk Rock mixed with Reggae & Ska.. All the punk band that you said are very influence in our music coz our punk rock scene become largest from year to year. It also can be accept coz if you see a day before, Punk cannot be accepted by public. Punk was give look like "budaya kuning". Nowadays you can see punk rock has been accept on mainstream radio station and other media. It is possible that punk be accept in mainstream like Marjinal, Bunkface etc..

[3] Where did you put BRAYOK in the entire local Punk music scene?
BRAYOK, whenever we in scene for 10 years, but we are not a band that really have many follower like other. We had many compilation release before. And Brayok was not  famous and known by people but we are satisfy..

[4] Your release entitled “Let's Go!” compiles all songs have been recorded by the band, right? Well, let us know further about this compilation album and how far it mean or represent the existence of BRAYOK since the beginning?
Let's Go! album is our first album that we had release and it is our biography. Its really mean to us to be in this scene and show our identity.  We have many song that are not be recorded and all song were made ourselves.

[5] How was the responses / feedbacks upon “Let's Go!” look like?
We has a different response from our release before or our compilation response that we have include song, record, and specific interview for us like you did. It was more excited than before..

[6] Have you guys ready with new material or perhaps another release in plan? Tell us more about your new music if any?
As you know, we are on the same line. Before this we not have real job and our commitment to Brayok were really important and we do what we want to do. But its different now, our commitment are more to our family and job.. And our next release are not same like before coz of our commitment. Maybe we have it but it will take a longer time for an album compare to our release before.

[7] I watched your Music Video “Hikayat Penuh Sakti'” on youtube. Lotsa fun and nice things. Please say something about this video making, the shooting, etc. And also, do you have an idea to do another video?
The Hikayat Penuh Sakti video as you see, there are fully DIY and it was made by ourself with some helped from our friend. The ideas of this video was not to far from our message that we want to present in this song. As a DIY video and punk band, we dont have enough budget for made up this video to describe our message. We are already plan our next video and it is same like before, totally DIY. We just can say that it will be unique and very good video. Just wait for it..

[8] How about appearing in gigs? What are the best things you got and experienced for a certain show?
In our exprience, we are comfortable and love to play mix genre on gig. We just like that way. After release our album, we have played and travel on our minitour. It was really fun and enjoy. We also done for our album launch or release party at our hometown. It was great moment for us together. After this, our show will be more variation.

[9] Shit out your last words?
Yeah! We like to shit out our word.. Hehehe. We like to thank to everybody and all our friend who has give their support for us and we are really appreciate it. Thank to all and you to. We are the same..

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