Tuesday, 27 January 2015


NOISE FROM HELL COMPILATION VOL.3 featuring ASKGATT (Indonesia), ATTACK FIRE (Colombia), BURNT CROSS (UK), CUM SOCK (Canada), DESTINO CRUEL (Argentina), DISCUM (Mexico), DISRATAS (Colombia), EXTERMINATE (Malaysia), FARŠAS (Lithuania), KATONK SOSIAL (Indonesia), LONGOR (Indonesia), MAVIS DIRTY PROJECT (Malaysia), NEGATIVE SIDE (Brazil), ONCOM GONDRONG (Indonesia), PARASYTES (Canada), POWERXCHUCK (Australia), xRECLAIMx (Malaysia), SHITFUN (Brazil), VARIANT-U (USA), WAKK THUU (Nepal) and ZOMBIE ATTACK (Ukraine).

01. Askgatt - How To Thrash Your Hardcore Poseur
02. Attack Fire - Sulphur
03. Burnt Cross - Inner Revolutionist
04. Cum Sock - I Don't Give A Shit
05. Destino Cruel - El Cazador
06. Discum - The Price of the War
07. Disratas - Nada es de nadie
08. Exterminate - Stop The Imagination
09. Faršas - Sraigė naikintoja
10. Katonk Sosial - Tanda Tanya
11. Longor - Bakar Emosimu
12. Longor - Confrontation Of Destruction
13. Mavis Dirty Project - Stop This Discrimination
14. Negative Side - This Is Not For You
15. Oncom Gondrong - Revolution
16. Parasytes - Burning Down The City
17. POWERXCHUCK - The Clap
18. xRECLAIMx - Para Penguasa Semakin Menggila
19. ShitFun - Josiane Torres
20. Variant-U - Cum Dumpster
21. Variant-U - Did I Kill Him?
22. Wakk Thuu - Ja Mar Kukur
23. Zombie Attack - Possessed to Play Fast

*include cover arts for CD and Tape format.


Thanks for downloading. Enjoy the music. Make it on physical copied CD-R or Tape (dubbed on 90 minutes blank tape) for personal non-commercial uses. Only featured bands in this volume have the rights to produce (unlimited) copies of CD-R/Tape for sale/trade. Spread the madness! Support each other, make noise not war!

#hxc punk, noise/grind, crust, thrash/metal punks band do submit your track for the next volume.. send to facebook.com/trashnoiser or trashnoiser@gmail.com.

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