Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Borneo D-beat Headhunters, BAKTERIA dari Kuching, Sarawak telah menghasilkan sebuah klip video untuk lagu "Warmachine (Anti Cimex cover)", dilancarkan pada 23 Disember 2014 di:

Bakteria was founded in the mid of 2007 by Ray Bakteria and Kenpachi (ex-guitar) and practiced from wide ranges of pure hc street-punk covers and played a few jam sessions early 2008 and 2 shows on that same year and slowed down due to Ray Bakteria and Manjan Bulat joined Shock Troops as a side project going on to a serious band and probably because lots of chaos and trouble triggered at shows. After few years of silence and struggles, Bakteria is back with a new look, a change of concept, faces and influences. Bakteria's current sound is more to dis-beat, and a mixture of HC-Punk and crust punk.

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