Friday, 9 January 2015

Review: CONTUSIÖN "Arroja La Bomba" EP 2014

"Extreme noise from CaliHell.. we are part of destruction!!". Well said. This phrase described perfectly about the existence of CONTUSIÖN and definitely defined their EP 2014 entitled "Arroja La Bomba". Energetic, destructive and forceful bound of Hardcore Punk aggressions. "Arroja La Bomba" released by Maldita Sea Records with 5 tracks; launched with an instrumental as Intro, subsequently explode the world with Arroja La Bomba, followed by the rapid assault of Toca Rápido, then see the downfall of mankind in Genocidio, thus life finally ends in horrible silent death called Silencios Abismales.

01. Intro - 2:29
02. Arroja la Bomba - 1:51
03. Toca Rápido - 1:58
04. Genocidio - 1:55
05. Silencios Abismales - 3:16

CONTUSIÖN in this recordings consisted of Zarraspastroso (vocals), Mutante (guitar), Cerdo (bass) and Mauro (drums). Crust as fuck! Thrashing like hell! Oh yeah, CONTUSIÖN from Cali, Colombia is extremely agent of massive destruction!!!. Check them out!

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