Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Penis Vibrator "Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Baby" CDR

New "sudden" release: NOIS22 Penis Vibrator "Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Baby" is OUT NOW! ORDER NOW!

Penis Vibrator is punk a go go quartet from Kuala Lumpur, consists members of 265 Distro, Keladak, Jalan Sehala and many other bands, zine editors and distro/label runner. This is their first time meeting, first time jamming, first time recording and their debut release. Harsh, fuzz, noise, rock n roll, I-IV-V a go go rhythm, lo-fi, screaming and growl alternate vocals with a few raw grind parts. 17 tracks in 30 minutes should be considered as a full length release from them. Fans of Noise A Go Go's, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Repulturid Mangel, Rocking Dildo, Blood Duster, Electro Hippies, C.S.S.O., Firebird and Suzi Quatro should get this shit!

Stay Dirty! Stay Nasty! Stay Shitty!

RM 5 (Local) + Postage | USD 2 (International) + Postage

To order, email: noisemongersrecs@gmail.com
More info and details, check out:

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