Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review: ATOMICDEATH - Re-Atomation EP (Nexro Records 2014)

Luckily I allready had the chance to share the stage with those fine Malaysian Thrash Hordes, when they came on a small Tour with our alcoholic friends APPÄRATUS in 2013. And out of the blue, my friend and their bassplayer Pätto sent me their new 2 Track EP lately.

First side comes with "Till the Violence end". A neckbreaking Thrasher in the vein of old Destruction or Sacrifice. Those guys know how to do this. It all fits completly, including the mosh part in the middle to calm down. Their singer Faiz always reminded me at a young Schmier - not that much high pitched screams, but really aggressive shouting.

Second side "Hell reign on Earth" starts off with a slow double bassish intro and goes into a midtempo Thrash Anthem. I can literally see the people screaming "Hell reign on Earth" at front row of their next shows.

Hope to see and hear more of them, and I REALLY do hope, someone bring them over again to Europe. I know many people would LOVE to see them again. The last Tour was way too short!

Reviewed by: Oliver Barth

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