Monday, 13 January 2014

SHITNOISE BASTARDS "Everyone Of You Must Die!"

SHITNOISE BASTARDS Noisegrind from Malaysia. "Everyone Of You Must Die!" is the new recording by this shithead including cover version track originally by Pink Floyd. Enjoy this shit! Recorded on 8th Jan. 2014 @ Freddy Krueger Basement. Mixed and Mastered by Godzilla.

1. son of corruptor - 2:24
2. chief inspector satan - 2:32
3. saucerful of secrets(pink floyd cover) - 2:59
4. careful with that mic - 1:55
5. too drunk for improvisation - 2:21
6. views of violence - 2:03

Free Download:

Code: DTR #21 / Label: Death Tones Records / Note: cd cover included when you downnload this album. we encourage you guys to download, make your copies and trade it with your friends / Band:

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