Thursday, 9 January 2014

OUT NOW: Psychotic Sufferance / Culo / Mierda Humana SPLIT

Split, split, split lagi.. 3 way split.. Psychotic Sufferance / Culo / Mierda Humana is Out now!. Released by No Brain Production (Chile) on 1 January 2014 limited to 50 copy only! So check out page ni untuk lebih banyak stuff Noisecore dan Harsh Noise dari label ni..

Another crappy picture by yours truly. Anyway, Mierda Humana is one of Miguel Tipacti's noisecore projects. who is him? he is one of the pilars of peruvian and latinamerican noisecore. The man behind the cult project Atrofia Cerebral, Audicion Irritable and many others.. he also iss the editor of the extreme music (or anti music) zine Bulla Extrema. He has been active in the noisecore world since late 80's.. Mierda Humana has 2 demos before this recording and was created in 1990. Great classic peruvian sounding noisecore! Psychotic Sufferance on the other hand hails from Malaysia, a newer but very active act.. connected with the underground scene and producing a lot of stuff.. respect! Culo is my crappy project and it sucks, i recorded everything alone this time. and thats the whole story.

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