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Perek Kasi Gerek or PxKxGx is a D.I.Y. hardcore punk band that always trying to jump and play fast thrashy 90's punk rock influenced with mostly of fast 90's punk rock, intercontinental bandana union and international thrash contingent band. Read the following interview with this Sungai Petani Thrashy 90's Punk Rock!

(1) When and what encouraged you to start PxKxGx?
PxKxGx started maybe around 2007/2008 I think. Started when the five of us listening to punk music and in the same time we were already hanging out together. After that we started jamming on and decided to form a band.

(2) How do you describe the PxKxGx music?
We play kind of late 90’s Thrashy Punk Rock or in Japanese accent, Speedcore!

(3) What mostly influenced / inspired your music & lyrics writing?
Life, culture, religion, social, music, surrounding, so-called system, and some fukking attitudes!

(4) PxKxGx has a lot of releases! Which are the important ones?
The most important one? For us every release is important because every release have different kind of thing, message, idea, thought we want to say.

(5) What will be the next releases?
Our next release is a compilation tribute to Secret Seven, Split with 13DAS (Kratom City D-Beat Raw Punk), 3way Split with TxT (86400HC) and Kebuloq (KL Neo-Crust Punk), 4way Split or 5way split with TolakxKok (Kratom City Thrashcore), LanggarxLari (Bahau Thrashcore) and GSW (Pahang Power-Violence) and other one from Indonesia I think.

(6) Any gigs played?
Have been played around the Peninsular and maybe 2014 we plan to have a tour maybe at Indonesia and Sabah. We also welcome anyone who wants us to play at your place.

(7) What do you want for PxKxGx?
We want PKG to have a tour with a Japanese thrash punk band - Razors Edge, our most influenced band in the world! It was actually Jellyroll Rockheads, but then it was RIP already but some of them formed the Razors Edge.

(8) How's the local punk/fast/thrashcore scene look like?
Our local punk rock scene (it’s easier to be assumed as punk rock only) can be considered as a quiet small range of connection by every kid. It makes the circle of friendships prone to be more tight and strong. Nevertheless, we heard that the Borneo punk rock scene would be more supportive rather than the Peninsular scene, that’s why we wanna go there asap. Besides, not many bands actually stay active for a long period of time. You could also see a late 90’s or early 2000’s bands played and suddenly missing in action for about 10 years, and play back recently and claiming them to be more punk rock than the newcomers. That’s not how punk rock works!    

(9) Thank you! Last shits?
Shit all over my pant and on yer face dude! Most welcome and thanks so much for asking these questions ma friends. We would love to meet ya somehow? Arigato!


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