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Biografi: PERPETUAL - Sabahan Grindcore Master

Perpetual was founded in 1995 in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. This Grindcore band was originally established by Zam (bass) and Zull (drums) who later composed by Ian (guitar) and Roni (Vocal). This band took inspiration from Napalm Death, Carcass, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer,  Agathocles, Nasum and Demisor. In 1996, the band has released the first Reh /Tape entitled 'Protector Of The Truth' that was a starting point for the band established into Underground Extreme music scene. Later on June 1996, Perpetual for the first time playing outside of their hometown with some Metal /Grind band from several districts in Sabah, namely the Supreme Sonic Festival  at Kota Kinabalu. Continuing from the gig, Perpetual has received attention from the gigs promoter, zines editor and the fans of extreme music in Malaysia.

In 1997, Perpetual has experienced personnel exchange where Ian (guitar) and Roni (Vocal) have brought their bows and they are replaced by Romi (Guitar) and Rozai (Vocal). Perpetual also managed to produce a self-title Promo Tape in 1997. Perpetual also contributed a song to be included in a compilation cassette that was meaningful for the Sandakan scene a ‘Glorious Nakadnas compilation tape’ that was produced by the active label in Sandakan the ‘Dark Zone Unity. The band also contributed their song for ‘No Limits For Noise’ a comp. tape for international Grind / Crust / Punk bands by the Singaporean DIY label.

In 1999, Romi (Guitar) and Rozai (Vox) has left the band . Things that lead to new entry Pijal as vocal and Zam undertake the role of guitar and bass, while Zull remain as drummer. They continue their spirits to grind and go to the Mice Studio, the only mini studio operating for extreme music in Sandakan at around the end of the 90s. They released a Demo Tape titled "Mental Depression" released by their own label of Combat Grind Productions. The demo had getting good response from friends and fans of extreme music locally and overseas. The band then starting to get some offers to play outside of Sabah, but it was limited by money and daily work reasons.

The year 2000 also marked as the beginning of a stable lineup for Perpetual.  Perpetual consisted entirely of Zam - Guitar, Zull - Drums, Pijal - Vocal and Nasir -Bass . The band then has again recorded the song for the purpose of split project with several bands under the Grind Combat Productions. Among the projects was a split tape with Psychoneurosis, the Poland Grindcore/Crust in 2000. That split tape to some extent has brought a good name for Perpetual to the European scene. In 2001, Perpetual has released a 3 way split tape with MDK (Brazil Grinder) and Chronical Apes (Malaysia Crust/Grind).

In 2002, Perpetual were involved in the killer gig ‘Choice Of A New Generation Band Fest’ which was considered the most successful gigs in Sabah with thousands of crazy and supportive crowds. The project continues with the release of 3 way split CD "Patak - Patak Bah’ in 2002 under the label of Bob Agigi with the grinder from Johor, Damokis and Rengkong Terkeluarq , the Kedah Grinder. Perpetual also released a split cd with Singapore Grind King, Demisor in 2003, and continue their good collaboration by brings the band to play a gig in Sabah through the Grind Over Borneo 2003. In 2004, Perpetual also released a split CD with a Malaysian well known Grind unit, the Torture Incident. Another split was with Smersh, the Russian Grind troopers in 2005. During the years of grinding movements, Perpetual was also involved in several international Grind compilation cd. Among them was the Night Blast by the Japanese label, also An All Fashioned Grindcore by the Spain label.

Around the year 2006, the Perpetual quite slow in their activities because of some band members has moved out of Sandakan/Sabah besides the factors of time and distance that makes them hard to always come together . Perpetual during the years 2006 to 2012 despite not producing any materials, but they were still thick with passion of grind music by actively play a lot of gigs organized by the local gig organizer.

At that time there was a change in the position in which Zam serves as bassist and Nasir took over as guitarist. Zull and Pijal each remain in position drums and vocals duties.

By the year 2013, which completed 18 years this group an experience of joy and sorrow in the extreme music scene, where they were determined to produce the first CD album. They have made a recording in the Chromatic Studio studio owned by their companions in Sandakan. In the spirit of struggle that never fade and their madness on Grindcore music, the group has started recording session in February and June 2013.

A total of 10 songs of Brutal Harsh Grindcore, successfully recorded. This material is a tribute to their friends and those who over the years have always provided support and assistance to Perpetual.

The debut CD album entitled ‘Grind Your Mind’ will be released sometime in November 2013 under their own label The Noise Productions. This new material will prove that Perpetual will continue the passion to grind music with more releases in the future. This is just the beginning of Perpetual  grinding madness. Stayin alive. Stay Grind to the core. Cheers!

Perpetual are:
Zam – Bass
Zull – Drums
Pijal – Vocal
Nasir - Gitar 

- Protector Of The Truth Reh/Tape 1996
- Promo Tape 97
- Mental Depression Demotape 1999
- Perpetual / Psychoneurosis (Poland) Split Tape 2000
- Perpetual / Chronical Apes (Msia) / MDK (Brazil) 3 way Split tape 2001
- Perpetual / Damokis (Msia) / Rengkong Terkeluarq (Msia) 3 way Split cd 2002
- Perpetual / Demisor (Singapore) Split cd 2003
- Perpetual / Torture Incident (Msia) Split cd 2004
- Perpetual / Smersh (Russia) Split cd 2005
- Grind Your Mind -Debut CD album 2013

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