Friday, 6 October 2017

Interview: CONTUSIÖN

I know this band from Cali, Colombia since their debut “Arroja la Bomba” EP 2014. “Energetic, destructive and forceful bound of Hardcore Punk aggressions.” is among what I wrote on my review for the EP [read more here]. Since then, Contusiön grows up and much better in “Invaden y Matan” (2016) and recent release “Demo-17”. Consists of Jhon (vocal), Mauro (drums), Annalisa (vocal), Marvin (bass) and Oscar (guitar) [refer the above photo], Contusiön is a Hardcore Thrash/Punk band that must always in your mind and looks forward for them. They are extreme noise from CaliHell, they are part of destruction!. Here’s an interview with their drummer (Mauro) for more about Contusiön.

Hello Contusiön. Let us know briefly history of the band and the current line-up?
The band started around 2010 with 3 members, the only original member is Oscar, the guitarist, they began very influenced by d-beat, but when two of the original members left the band, Oscar decided to reform the band with a new concept but whith the same name, so nowadays is more hardcore, crust, with thrash and some grindcore influences. Today we have five members; Oscar (guitar), Jhon Jairo (screams), Annalisa (screams), Marvin (bass) and myself, Mauro (drums).

Tell us more about your recent release “Demo-17” (2017) including the songwritings, recordings and the contents?
This demo is more aggressive, we like to play fast and very noise and we decided to do a self produced demo with a lot of tracks that we didn’t record before, there also new versions of old songs and the lyrics ares based in the fraud of religion, the capitalism in our country, the war in our country, the social and political reality of Latin America, and Oscar made all the lyrics.

How do you see the band progress in the new demo since previous releases?
With two voices is more like a disrupt sound and we like it, specially cause is a woman and a man, so sounds very cool, the most important thing is that we have a new bass player, that gives more power to the songs and we try to play more fast. We also try to put more work in the creation of songs and incorporate more stuff.

Say something about “Arroja la Bomba” (2014) and “Invaden y Matan” (2016)?
Arroja la Bomba is a ep made by a friend of us, he has all the equipaments in his house and was more punk, more raw, very simple but powerful songs, was the only record with our previous bassist before he left the band, the second ep (Invaden y Matan) is more professional, the sound is more clear and has more complex and long songs, but the lyrics follow the same path of Arroja la Bomba ep.

How do you define the music of Contusiön? What kind of bands that influenced you?
Contusiön is speed, rage, insatisfaction with the modern society, we are like “play fast or die” but we also like density, we have a couple of slow songs but our line is hardcore, punk, grind, some metal, all the crap that we like and enjoy that’s our influence.

Since you’re singing in your language, what were written for the lyrics?
We can’t escape the reality of Colombia as a country and we want to spread the message in our language, the songs are about war and the desolation of the victims, the religion, the mass media, we also have a lot of interest in our ancestors as a culture where the money wasn’t the only thing that matters.

Being DIY is so powerful. How DIY benefits you?
Basically we do all by ourselves in every aspect, rehearsals, demos, t-shirts, etc, it’s all by ourselves, so that’s all.

Please describe Contusiön while on stage?
On stage we try to give people the energy we have, all the anger and the fast riffs with fast drums, it’s the moment when all the rehearsals are materialized in a fuckin noise with the stench of the war.

Share with us some good things about hardcore/punk in Cali?
The punks in Cali are not too many, and that makes union and friendship. There are no great divisions between the punk group, there are only a variety of musical styles converging within the movement. For example punk hardcore, crust, metalpunk, power violence, grindcore, etc.

Thanks for replying. Any last words?
We just want to thank all those who have supported us by sharing and buying our material, and have made us leave our city to make our noise known. Fuck religion, fuck institutions, fuck the police and politicians, support the underground noise and open their minds, kill the divides within the DIY noise, appreciate their nuances. We will continue working on new songs with the corrosive style that characterizes us so prepare your dirty and stinking ears!

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