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Interview: CUM SOCK

Releasing noise in the DIY scene since 2003. Toronto’s CUM SOCK has been here doing Noise Grind for almost 15 years. It’s indeed astonishing with lots of releases under their belt, and they will continues releasing more noise in the future. We spoke to Cum Sock in further regarding their existence, the music, their activities, next plans, so on.

Hello Cum Sock. What are the latest news from the band?
Always lots of news. First off I will start with the biggest news which was a 4 way 7" with 3 other cool noisy bands. Tones of split tapes and a split CD will be out soon. If you haven’t noticed I’m not name dropping anybody because you should just click and open another window and search yourself. News for 2018 will be a new full length. I will release on pro-CD format because I have done a lot of tapes and vinyl is really slow and expensive process.

Let us know in brief the history of Cum Sock; when and how was the band get formed? And, what encouraged you to form this band?
The project was formed in 2003 as a 1 man project. Anal Cunt encouraged me because they had lots of releases out and figured I could do the same but I failed miserably. After a few demos and trades I started to notice people calling the project noise-core. At the time in 2003 I didn’t know what noise-core was. I lived in a small town and internet was not like it is today. So even the first few releases I have no idea what noise-core was supposed to be because I never listened to the genre before. I thought I was just playing really bad punk in my parents basement.

Does Cum Sock musically differ, as compared to the early days? What's the best definition for your music style?
Every CS release is different I would say but elements sound the same. The first stuff like I said was more shitty punk/grind and as time went on because of moving and not having instruments all the time it took on more of a noise thing. Now I think its gone back to a more punk/grind influence as this is what I always wanted it to sound like but just didn’t have the resources or knowledge. Now I have a fast drummer helping me with drums so I can focus more on guitar and vokills. I like this new stuff the most.

Who and/or what truly influence your song writings?
Probably punk because when I was younger I really liked the simple fast punk songs the most. Pretty much all of CS is written by improve. In the past I would just play guitar for 30seconds and as long as I had 2 parts in it it was a song. After I would play drums to it then add vokills. I really hate writing songs and I forget 95% of what I was trying to do the day before so it works best I just plug in and record. Even after, minimal editing is needed I just fix some levels and what not but rarely cut anything out.

There are lot of releases listed in the discography. Tell us 5 most essential releases to Cum Sock and why (they are essential)?
- Agathocles 7" (because its AG)
- 4 way gang bang 7" (because its a 7")
- Deche-Charge Poutine tape (because its Deche-Charge)
- Sete Star Sept tape (because its SSS)
- 6 ways to die CD (because its a killer 6 way split CD)

What're things that really interesting in doing and releasing splits?
Most interesting is just the friendship with the bands. Pretty much every band I have split with I have talked too or traded with, with the exemption of SSS. I will split with pretty much anybody as long as I know you to some extent. Sometimes I get asked and other times I ask bands if I’m working on a release. 

What would be your opinions about Do-It-Youself culture? Do you think that “online” oriented zine/comp/music as a threat on what underground music should be?
No online is not a threat. I used to do a zine in the late 90s and nobody cared even back then about zines or what not. If anything without the internet the scene would not be what it is today. 98% of the people and bands I know where all from the internet trading on Myspace and Facebook and things like that. Being from a small town the hardest stuff people liked was Iron Maiden or something let alone punk shit so the internet was the only place to find like minded people. 

Do you have ever had any connection or collaboration with people (bands, labels, etc) from Southeast Asia (countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc)?
Yes of course Shitnoise Bastards and Psychotic Sufferance are very good friends of mine and have done many releases with both of them. Also the metal band Pagan Fire I did a split with long time ago now they are really good band. I always had good support from SEA. Also Piss Art Records released one of the first CS releases. 

Please share a bit about Noise/Grind scene around your home ground?
Right now the Toronto noise scene is probably the best in North America maybe even the world. The reason I say this is because there are a few noise bands playing on a regular basis and touring bands coming all the time. I don’t see another place in the world that has as much activity as Toronto right now but that could change. When I first moved here 10 years ago I didn’t know anybody into this shit, now shows can have anywhere from 30-100 people which is really great for this style. I’m sure Europe is the best for noise but they have a lot of big cities close together so it’s different here. Canada for instance is almost as big as Russia and we only have 3 big cities people know about.

Do you guys playing live / gigging?
No NEVER!!! When I started this project I never wanted to make it a live thing. Mostly because I knew I was making anti-music I didn’t really put 2 and 2 together until years later. Playing live and gigs are really pro-music so it just never made sense. Plus this is not the type of project where I want to play live and have people tell me how great my solos are after. I really don’t care for that. That being said maybe one day I will get an invite to OEF and would have to accept it hahaha. 

What’s the next plan for Cum Sock and how do you see the future of the band?
The next step will be starting writing for the full length. The future is always the same, record, release and repeat. 

Thanks for responding. Have any else you wanna say?
Thanks for the interview, if people are interested they can google cum sock, good luck what you find.

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