Monday, 25 November 2013


10 SECONDS COMPILATION is featuring all bands from planet earth. all submission received from over the world! good feedback and responses from all bands. yes we know this comp is not 100% contained with 0.10' tracks, but who's care? this is grindcore! we always breaking the rule and law. aha. so hope you all will enjoy with this shit, listen to how is the bands creativity in creating their noise in 10 seconds duration. this compilation is FREE! cd cover layout included when you download this. we encourage you guys to download this comp, do your own physical copies, and trade it with your friends! If someone ask you to pay for this, please do not buy it or you'll be rip-off for sure! maybe this free download is limited, but we will try to get this comp to unlimited downloadable website in future. thanks to all bands and person that has involved in this comp, you guys rules! enjoy this 10 seconds compilation!

Download from here:

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