Monday, 1 April 2019


ONCE STAND, FOREVER FIGHT!: Hardcore Punk compilation #3 featuring Thisfucker (Malaysia), PerrosPrimos (Argentina), Insulin (Indonesia), Lambagrind (Philippines), Matrak Attakk (Belgium), Cendol’s Dead (Malaysia), War Infection (Philippines), Šarlah (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Diskonekcija (Bosnia and Herzegovina), T-61 (Ecuador), Against The Shit (Uruguay), Dirty Deeds (Malaysia), Repugnant (Philippines), Fratüra (Brazil), Pasto Nefasto (Spain), Biangraw (Indonesia), Hymnöir (Malaysia), Menstrual Parasite (US), Disrelief (Greece / Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Crutches (Sweden). Total duration 39:25 minutes.

Full download comes with completed set of coversleeve + inlay. Only the bands featured have the rights to produce physical copies for selling / distribution.

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