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Introduction: Raw Noise D-Beat from Quito, Ecuador and the band called as DISBRIGADE. “Pocos acordes llenos de odio. Sabiduría empírica, conocimiento impío, detestación frontal hacia el mundo entero, régimen, autoridad, consanguinidad y afecciones banales. Anti reproducción humana, en sapiencia de que el fin del homo sapiens es inminente.” Do you understand? I'm not. That was written on their bandcamp. DISBRIGADE is a band you should look into. So here's a discussion with the founder itself, Mr. Andrés Utreras E. – Interview by Trashnoiser [05.01.2019]

First of all, introduce us the band; history background and line-up? What encouraged you to form Disbrigade?
Disbrigade was born in 2011, as a project of Andrés Utreras E. (owner of Pluteras Records ) where he recorded all instruments and worked on producing about a dozen demos and eps of the band, as well as video clips such as El Llamado (The Calling) and Sobreviviente del Viaje Espacial (Survivor of the Space Trip) directed by Andrés Rofacale and Ganado (Cattle), Motivation (Motivation) and Puñalada (Stab) directed by Andres.

Music wise Disbrigade’s inspiration is to deliver D-beat noise and its lyrics focus on empirical wisdom against authority, corruption of politics and the world’s decline.

In 2015, Disbrigade’s first album is released, which is a compilation of the recordings made during 2014 and 2015.

Between the years 2015 and beginning of 2016, “Testigo Innato del Desprecio” (english: Innate Witness of Contempt) is the name of the second album recorded in its entirety by Andrés (Pluteras Recs) and out in Cdr format in Ecuador, tape format in Peru (Malditos Tapes) and Japan (Sin Fronteras Records), accompanied by a video clip of the same name directed by Andres.

In 2016 Disbrigade’s first live performance takes place with the collaboration of Carlos Idrovo aka PS (Destruye y Destruye / PS) on drums and Alex aka Kalavera on the guitar. This is a milestone that changed Disbrigade from being a one-man band to a band with a line-up. It’s current line-up is Andrés Utreras E. on bass and vocals, Carlos Idrovo on drums and Andrés Enríquez (Kancer S.A.) on guitar. Several live performances under Disbrigade’s name have occurred from national such as the Metal United World Wide - Quito edition and the Punk Disorder Festival.

This year the band participates in the Cabina del Terror live sessions and shares stage with bands like Dexenfreno (Colombia), Destitute (Col) Los Rezios (Peru). In 2017, “Disbrigade” is produced, a commemorative tape of the band’s first presentation in which unpublished songs with guest drummers and a live-recorded track, co-produced “Cutrèfacto Dbeat from the Center of the World”. In addition, a 3 way tape and splits with Infërno (Ecuador), Atomization (Holland), WarCorpse (Greece), Disco (Brazil), La Chusma (Colombia), Trimegisto (Ecuador). 

At the beginning of 2018 the band released a 7 inch vinyl produced by Pluteras Recs and in September they toured Ecuador and Peru, playing with bands such as Wolfbrigade, Dios Hastío, Sistemas de Aniquilación, among others.

Tell us further about your music? How do you describe your sound and where did most of the influences come from?
Disbrigade is the result of extensive trajectory and musical experience, focusing on expressing and creating an environment but not aiming at being excessive of technique, so the influences are varied from dense and dark to fast and noisy. They have released versions of Disputa, Mg15, Besthoven, Discharge, Apathy No.

How is life in Quito, or in Ecuador generally? Do shits like corruptions, oppressions, social and political problems in your country inspired you in writing lyrics?
Ecuador is a third-world country where corruption can be seen in everyday things within its population and reflected in its government. We live in a world decadence and Disbrigade’s lyrics show the path of destruction propagated by humans beyond their nationality and will always be considered a plague.

Share with us a little bit about the way Disbrigade composing songs and recording?
All of Disbrigade’s albums have been created by Andrés Utreras E. and recorded in Pluteras Recs (recording studio in Quito-Ecuador) with support from guest guitarists mainly for solos (at one point a tape recording was released with the participation of 13 guitarists). We also try to gather audio and video sources from live shows and use that in productions.

Composition goes according to historical context or whatever is going on at the moment; the idea is to not force the creative process and let ideas flow.

Disbrigade has a lot of releases so far, right? Which ones are the best, or most essential to the band? 
Yeah, we have various Cdr, tapes, 7” vinyl and live sessions recorded. We believe all are important as they reflect the energy at a point in time but physical formats are always preferred. We are always looking for labels interested in producing our material.

In your opinion, what are the advantages behind doing splits and participating in compilations?
Along with social media, compilations help connect with part of the world harder to reach otherwise which makes it easier for our ideas and material to be communicated to a broader audience. Disbrigade’s participation in splits and compilations will always be important for Disbrigade because we are looking to expand globally.

How about the gigs / live event? Do you ever played outside of Ecuador, and touring anywhere?
Disbrigade has played in Ecuador’s main cities since 2016 and a Peru tour in 2018 along with Wolfbrigade.

What are among the future plans and your hopes for Disbrigade?
We are working on a new album and plan to release it within the first few months of 2019. We’ll also continue to participate in splits and compilations 

Andrés Utreras, you’re also running a label named Pluteras Records and also playing in a grindcore band called Destruye y Destruye. Please inform any recent / lastest news about this.
Destruye y Destruye was formed mid-2015, so far we’ve had two tours in Colombia. The first one in 2016 with Napalm Raid (CAN) and in 2017 with Desobediencia Civil (MEX), No Money, No Sentiments (BEL/ECU) and Bömbardero (CHI). In 2018 Destruye y Destruye toured along with Disbrigade and Wolfbrigade in Peru. Destruye y Destruye has also produced tapes and Cdrs as well as participated in compilations.

Destruye y Destruye has released tape and cdr productions and has participated in compilations as well. We are preparing for a Mexico tour and being part of the yearly Punkytud Festival in 2019.

Pluteras Recs is preparing to release its first 7” vinyl for Destruye y Destruye, a Derecho a la Muerte (Death Grind band) CD Digipack and also expanding its well-known Cabina del Terror, live audio and video recording sessions where more than 160 bands have participated and a new post is released every Thursday and has been doing so for 3 consecutive years. A couple of more productions are in the work and will be announced soon!

Thanks for responding. Final words please.
Thanks for the space given and let the noise propagate!

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