Thursday, 21 February 2019


ONCE STAND, FOREVER FIGHT!: Hardcore Punk compilation #1 featuring Pasmaters (Croatia), Dipfase (Indonesia), Contusiön (Colombia), Txuminos Imberbes (Spain), Disbomb (Malaysia), Carne Pa Canhão (Portugal), Valium (Colombia), Ruido Bruto (Spain), Besthöven (Brazil), M.E.A.T.S. (Hong Kong), The Tracy Lords (Hong Kong), Gas-Tank (UK), Skitvarld (UK), Dishumanity (Serbia), Lenincat (Spain), LowFat (Thailand), DISM (Malaysia), Short Thrash (Brazil), Dishöld (Indonesia), and Svartfåglars Begravning (Brazil). Total duration 43:22 minutes.

Full download comes with completed set of coversleeve + inlay. Only the bands featured have the rights to produce physical copies for selling / distribution.

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