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It’s no doubt that SUFFER THE PAIN is one of the finest metalpunk/deathcrust acts from Sweden. Based in Västerås, the band started with two demo cassettes, “The Death” and “The Last Massacre” in 2012. They have also released a split entitled “Nuclear End” with Bombs Of Hades in 2013, followed with an EP “Face Of Doom” in 2014. Suffer The Pain proved their capability in doing great music through the debut full-length “Midnight Sacrifice” unleashed in May 2015, on 12” vinyl by Phobia Records and on cassette by Masasiorangutan Records. The band now returned with new album entitled “Hellbound” in January 2018. We spoke to Stefan (guitars/vocals) and Johan (drums) further about Suffer The Pain, so check it out!

Hello. Please share in brief about band background, about how you guys met each other to form Suffer The Pain and who's who in the band?
Stefan: Me and Johan started the band in 2012 just to record some D-beat/metal. I was missing playing/recording some metal/crust so I asked Johan if he wanted to play the drums. We used to play in a grindcore band togther called Fromtheashes. Later on we became a live band also with Suffer The Pain and more people joined.
Today we are:
Johan - drums
Stefan - vocals and guitar
Luka - bass
Stoffe - guitar (but he has father-time away from the band so right now and on “Hellbound” we are a 3-pice band)

Where did you find the name Suffer The Pain and what does it mean for?
Stefan: Just tought the words “Suffer” and “Pain” sounded cool I guess. No meaning haha!
Johan: Wasn’t the name more a joke at first, just something over the top and very metal sounding?
Stefan: Yes that is true, a cool joke!

Punk Metal is quite general to define the band musicstyle so how’s the best description for the music of Suffer The Pain? What are the main characteristics in your music and who (what kind of bands) really influenced your music writings?
Stefan: I dont know, “deathcrust” sounds cool I guess. The idea is that we can do what ever we want with Suffer The Pain, and some of my influences are: Bathory, Tragedy, Dismember, Disfear, High on Fire, Darkthrone, Celtic Frost, Martyrdöd, Venom, Wolfpack and so on...
Johan: Old sounding metal mixed with d-beat hardcore is what I think we’re doing basically. Sources for inspiration (and a little theft sometimes) for me are bands like Shitlickers, Napalm Death (minus the grind), Misery, Anti Cimex, Slayer, Discharge and so on.

How do you see the band have progressed from a release to another?
Stefan: I don’t know really. We just play and have fun and try to record once every year and play every live gig we get asked to play. But right now it feels really good and we are happy with our next release “Hellbound”.

Tell us more about your album “Midnight Sacrifice”. How long it take to prepare the material (composings and pre-production) for this full-length? Where did the tracks get recorded and do you really satisfied with the end result especially the sound production?
Stefan: We did everything ourselfs on Midnight Sacrifice, Stoffe was head of the recording and if I remember right it took a year almost to write all the songs. Yes we were happy with it, at least I was (can not speak for the others). Wanted it to have that 80s “broken” metal/kängpunk demo sound almost. Im a happycamper.
Johan: Yeah the songs were probably being made during a year or something, and the recording was done during a weekend in the rehearsal room. Pre-production = recording the song on someones phone to avoid forgetting it. I usually don’t listen to our own records except right after the recording is done so I haven’t heard it in a while but I remember being happy with the sound. Have to listen now and compare to the new recording.

How was the response and feedback you got so far? Do you received any bad complaints? (refer to the "Midnight Sacrifice" album)
Stefan: I think we got a preatty good response, the LP still get bought at our gigs. Most of the reviews were good and they understod what we were going for alot, that is always nice.

The two tracks ‘Mass Death’ and ‘Anesthesia Awareness’ in Critical Mass vol.3 (swedish metal compilation LP) are newly & exclusively recorded right? How do you have the opportunity to involve in the compilation?
Stefan: They got recorded together with the songs for the Ashcloud split almost 2 years ago now by Johan Andersson. A compilation series with swedish underground metal/punk bands, perfect for us. Was great to be on the same record as alot of great bands.
Johan: the Martyrdöd/Kajsa Grytt song on that record is so fucking good!

We heard that Suffer The Pain is going to release new album titled “Hellbound”. Please share further regarding this. It’ll be even better album based on what we have listened from promo tracks ‘Exist? Die!’ and ‘Beheaded’. What else can be expected from this new works?
Stefan: Yes, will be released on CD, Cassette and on internet in January 2018. Thanks, yes I’m happy with it. Nice to hear that you like the new songs! It will be 10 new songs that Jonas Ekroos recorded in his studio in Surahammar, named “Hellbound”. The vinyl will be released by Phobia Records but we need more labels to join, get in contact with Phobia Records or with us if someone is interested.
Johan: It’s not really long enough to be called an album I think. Mini-album maybe. Really happy with the recording anyway.

Any important information about split 7" vinyl with Ashcloud?
Stefan: We hope it comes as fast as it can, some day.

Say something about your previous releases, from “The Death” demo to “Face Of Doom” Ep.
Stefan: I like them all, we are thinking of mabye do a 12" vinyl with the first cassette “The Death” on the A-side and the second cassette “The Last Massacre” on the B-side.

What are your lyrics all about?
Stefan: World Destruction, war, religion and every other human made bullshit. Ohh and some bad “horror fiction”.

Do you guys active in playing live, participating gigs and tour anywhere?
Stefan: We try to play all the gigs we get offerd to play. A tour would be cool to do or go away and do some festival gigs, see what happends. If any body wants us to come and play, get in contact.

How does the punk/metal scene look like in Västerås, Sweden?
Stefan: We have some good bands in Västerås for sure! But almost only one place to play at, that sucks. Would like to see more young bands, but most of the younger bands seems to sound a bit to “modern” for me.

What are recent bands/albums you extremely listen to within these days? Any personal all-time favourite band/album?
Stefan: Listen to alot of High on Fire, Solstafir, Mgla, From ashes Rise, Hypertension, Darkthrone lately. But also some AC/DC and The Blood alot. Can’t choose an all-time favourite, to hard!
Johan: Since the first Tau Cross album came a couple of years ago I have listened to that extremely much. Same thing with the second album. Such a fucking great band! Amazing live too.

Thank you! Last words please.
Stefan: Thank you! And just get in contact if anyone want us to come and play live or whatever. Cheers! (“Hellbound” Jan 2018)
Johan: Thanks!

*Replied on December 15, 2017

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