Thursday, 14 December 2017

Interview: TIGER PUSSY

“Energy” hardly does justice to this punk rock group TIGER PUSSY featuring Jan Sunday on vocals, Banjo Tabada on guitars, Shak Mancao on bass, and Mikhail King Villanueva on drums. With their fast-paced live performances and three full length albums in tow, the band has gained an audience in both the Cebu and Manila punk scenes, easily making them an act you just can’t miss. This interview was made with Tiger Pussy about a week before they released their third album “Residuals”. Here we go…

Hello. First off all, what encouraged you to form Tiger Pussy? Tell us a bit about the band history? Introduce us the band members?
The current line up has been together for more than 5 years now but Tiger Pussy has been around for a decade already. The band was formed out of a need to create a unique sound but still punk rock. The content came later. Here’s a run down of who we are:
Banjo – Guitars. Computer games.
King – Drums. Outdoors.
Shak – Bass. Gigs and Events.
Jan – Vocals. Visual arts.

Where did you get the nama Tiger Pussy and what does it mean for?
There’s been a bunch of stories about the name like it being a baby tiger but it’s really just a mix of some major influences. Tiger from Le Tigre. Pussy from the album Pussy Whipped by Bikini Kill. Trivia: We can’t boost posts on Facebook coz PUSSY! What is a pussy?

What have the band released so far? Are they (the albums, etc) distributed well worldwide or just in your country, Philippines?
We have 2 full lengths released locally. “All The Way” in 2010 was self produced. “People You Hate” in 2014 was under Bomba Press. Our 3rd one, under the same label as the previous, will be out on November 11 this year and hopefully, will be redistributed on other countries. [Note: Third album “Residuals” out now! – editor]

How does the Philippines punk scenes look like, especially in Cebu City?
It’s still holding up. We’re glad there are still some venues left that support local music even if it’s not the usual stuff you hear on the radio.

Well, how do you guys describe your music? What's the best definition for it and what bands that really influenced your songwritings?
We just call it Punk Rock but sometimes Riot Punk since it’s a mix of Riot Grrrl and Punk Rock though both can be quite synonymous or homogenous. Songwriting and music, it’s gotta be The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a bit of the older AFI.

How do you see the band (Tiger Pussy) progress musically from year to year, from an album to another? 
“All The Way” was angry and somewhat pubescent. It cursed and pointed fingers at things that hurt and are disadvantageous especially to women. “People You Hate” was kind of a rude awakening. Introspective. It could easily be titled The Looking Mirror. There’s still some pointing of fingers on that one but inwards. Our 3rd album “Residuals” goes beyond recognizing. It goes to the root of things. Painful existential realizations. Our music matures with us.

What are you talking about via your lyrics? What kind of messages that the band stand for?
We’re all quite political and dig bands with socio-political stand points but our songs dwell on the self (for now) and the idea that maybe we can do more good in this world if we could understand our capacities and potential. We’re like a SWOT analysis one one’s being.

What’s punk in your point of view?
Punk is abstract concept now but the gist might just be solidarity, vigilance and self-actualization.

Tell us about your new songs, next plans and future hopes?
Shortly after our album will be out, we’ll have a split with Choke Cocoi under Violent Delights Records. No release date has been announced yet. We’d also want to tour outside the country soon. A lot of saving up to do.

Last but not least, tell us why should we check and listen to Tiger Pussy?
Just like other artists, it would please us to be seen and heard but if our songs reach hearts and change lives, that gives so much meaning and purpose to our work. That’s what drives us to press on.

*Replied on November 2, 2017

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