Friday, 24 April 2015

Review: SPONTANE - MOJRA (2014)

SPONTANE from Warsaw, Poland was founded in June 2003, started off their musical career with an EP entitled “Czekając na słońce” in the same year. Two other EPs have been unleashed; “Nie czekając na słońce” (2004) and “Odnajdź siebie” (2007). Debut full-length “Mojra” marks the 10-year success of SPONTANE in this DIY underground music scene.

The album “Mojra” which was released back in June 2014 contains 10 tracks musical hybrid; the mixtures of Hardcore Punk, Rock and Metal. The music compositions including song arrangement, riffings and recording qualities are absolutely amazing and at its best. Guitars are well-played with few great solo parts and the vocals are really superb.

01. Taki jak ty – 4:20
02. By walczyc – 3:52
03. Dzień w mieście aniołów – 4:12
04. Widelec – 4:26
05. Lellum polellum – 3:03
06. Iluzja – 3:41
07. Garbata pycha – 4:05
08. Ktoś – 2:59
09. Powietrze – 3:31
10. Uciec ale dokąd – 3:57

“Mojra” as a whole is an album of 38 minutes duration, which serves a collection of music that is fresh, has a twist and the element of surprise, very entertaining as well as an example of a hybrid music that will be liked by anyone who is interested in underground music. Congratulations SPONTANE, you have proven your music career maturity and provide a good product for this scene.

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