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OUT NOW!!! OSMANTIKOS - DOOMED BEFORE THE DOOMSDAY DISCOGRAPHY 2006-2015 CD. It's an official Japan cd pressing in order to support their "Doomed Before The Doomsday 2015" Japan Tour in end of May 2015. Osmantikos is a hypertension crustcore band from Malaysia. This cd is a complete discography of their OFFICIAL releases since 2006. Songs including a split CD with Battlescard & Absolut, Dare To Rise Tour Tape & EP, split CD with Distrust, Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions 7' vinyl, Too Circle World HC Punk Compilation (Double CD), Burn All The Order (Ep Demo) plus 1 unreleased track. 74 minutes of intense crustpunk madness!!! Come with a free tour poster!!!

Yours for only RM15+postage (malaysia) & 8USD+postage (rest of the world). Listen us at: osmantikoscrust.bandcamp.com

Distro & Labels in Japan, kindly to contact Too Circle Records to purchase. toocircle.thebase.in/items/1306243

Distro & Labels, do contact us for cheap wholesale. PM us [facebook] for details, you'll be surprised!!! 

Some Review:

OSMANTIKOS - Dare To Rise EP cassette
A scorching cassette/CD-R ep!!!Certainly, this fall in line with mid '00s heavy crust, but Malaysia's OSMANTIKOS go for the full power approach insted of flirting with guitar leads and melodies. this release is a head spinning assault, totally crushing with multiple vocals and challenging time changes that serve to make to even more excited when the songs kick back in-insted of getting bored with the band's display of technical prowess. I am just floored. BUMBKLAATT and PROTESTANT are good comparison, but this band shines easily on their own. Fukkin killer.
Review taken from MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #338 (July 2011)

OSMANTIKOS - Dare To Rise EP cassette
I made the trek to Oakland last night to see ALPINIST and MASAKARI level a filthy warehouse, and even the mid show appearance of my least favorite Bay Area pit dick couldn't dampen my mood. Simply crushing displays from both bands, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to post this Malaysian gem for a while. The Dare To Rise cassette EP from 2010 takes obvious cues from mid '00s American melodic hardcore/crust and adds relentless fury and intensity to the assault. Generous attention is paid to the low end of the register, and the vocalist(s) have clearly spent their spare time snuggling up close to His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise records. But OSMANTIKOS do not sound even remotely like a rehash of old sounds, rather they have used those sounds as a framework for creating their own. This, and a new EP, are available from Bullwhip if you feel like supporting the scene - but even if you just listen, this is devastating. I welcome a new wave of bulldozer crust coming to level us all soon.
Review taken from terminalescape.blogspot.com

OSMANTIKOS - Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions 7" EP
Mean,powerful crust from Malaysia.This stuff reminds me a lot of the first FROM ASHES RISE lp with faster as shit riffs,somemelody,and devastating heavy breakdowns.The difference with this band is that the songs are much shorter and too the point.The guitar harmonies are used minimally,leaving the band to rely on sheer speed and anger,which works perfectly for them (and me). Rocking.
Review taken from Short, Fast & Loud zine #18

OSMANTIKOS - Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions 7" EP
Don't let the Portuguese name fool you, these d-beat thrashers are from selangor,Malaysia!!Released on an American label,OSMANTIKOS certainly blew me away with their ability to blend straight-up thrash with melodic,metallic hardcore ala FROM ASHES RISE.Definitely one of the cooler records this year.Comes with patch and sticker.
Review taken from MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #295,DECEMBER 2007

OSMANTIKOS - Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions 7" EP
"Despite the name these guys are some nutty Malaysian punkers playing hyped up hardcore thrash! I was excited to see a Malaysian band for one on vinyl which isn't common and for two on an American label! These guys remind me of the NEOS, INFEST, MIDDLE CLASS, and even D.R.I. times. Excellent! 
Review taken from Profane Existence #55

OSMANTIKOS - Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions 7" EP
The cover display four rats taking care of business along the lines of the title this 7", while wearing t-shirts with Extinction of Mankind, Makiladoras, From Ashes Rise, and Krigshot. Does the cover tell a true tale of what's on the vinyl? Indeed it does.
In late 2006 I got the CD "Burn all the order! EP" for review and while I wasn't totally blown away it was hard to ignore thepotential in this band. Now they're back with six new tracks and I must say there's been improvement all over. They take all the influences shown on the cover and throw it all in a blender with the result being a thrashy and speedy crustcore onslaught with some "hints" of metallic guitar work. You might have to search to find originality, but the quality is right there and in your face - powerful riffs with more than one outburst of fierce solos, rapidly racing drumming with lots of double bass drum action, and roaring vocals to top it off. The guitars and drums work exceptionally well together. Any question marks I might have had before have been completely straightened out after hearing these tracks.I know there are a lot of people who would go apeshit over this Malaysian band but sadly won't ever hear them due to their geographical location. Hopefully I'm wrong about that last statement though. 
Review taken from Attack Fanzine (Sweden)

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