Sunday, 26 April 2015


NOISE FROM HELL COMPILATION VOL.13 featuring ATROFIA (Colombia), CHAKI CHAN (Argentina), DOCUMENT 6 (Germany), EXECUTION OF TERROR (Philippines), INFECCION NECROTIZANTE (Colombia), KRISISIDENTITAS (Indonesia), KUSH (Argentina), LOS DE AFUERA (Argentina), MIDRANGE (Malaysia), ŠUGA (Bosnia and Herzegovina), SYS-RA (Finland), UNA RAZÓN PARA CONTINUAR (Argentina) and xIxCxSxPx (Mexico).

01. Atrofia - Bioterrorismo
02. Atrofia - Evolución
03. Chaki Chan - Chaki Attack
04. Chaki Chan - Flashe Que El Cajero Del Super Merka-Do Chino Era Jackie Chan...Y Me Di Cuenta Que No
05. Chaki Chan - Lo Bueno Del Power Violence Es Que Llego Justo Antes Que Quemaran El Crust
06. DOCUMENT 6 - Dead Kings
07. Execution Of Terror - Evil Mind
08. Infeccion Necrotizante - Democracia Genocida
09. Krisisidentitas - Basa Basi Busuk
10. Krisisidentitas - What Will They Do To Guys Like Us
11. Kush - Chetocore
12. Kush - Kush
13. Los de Afuera - Despersonalizacion
14. Los de Afuera - Desquiciado
15. Midrange - Grunge Not Dead
16. Šuga - Mrzimo vas
17. Šuga - Vrtoglavica
18. SYS-RA - Valon Vihainen Hehku
19. Una Razón Para Continuar - Soy Todo Lo Que Discriminas
20. xIxCxSxPx - 5 minutos 2

*include cover arts for CD and Tape format.


Thanks for downloading. Enjoy the music. Make it on physical copied CD-R or Tape (dubbed on 90 minutes blank tape) for personal non-commercial uses. Only featured bands in this volume have the rights to produce (unlimited) copies of CD-R/Tape for sale/trade. Spread the madness! Support each other, make noise not war!

#hxc punk, noise/grind, crust, thrash/metal punks band do submit your track for the next volume.. send to or

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