Tuesday, 24 March 2015


NOISE FROM HELL COMPILATION VOL.8 featuring ACID VAIN (Australia), ATOS DE VINGANÇA (Brazil), AVHATH (Indonesia), BEER TERROR (Finland), CALAFIA PUTA (Mexico), CASKET GARDEN (Italy), CHAOS A OK (USA), D.O.G. (USA), DISFARE (Indonesia), ERECTILE (Malaysia), FEED ME MORE (Italy), GxUxRxO-PxIxG (Colombia), KAMIKAZI (Greece), MANOMORTA (Italy), NĚMÁ BARIKÁDA (Czech Republic), ONE DAY IN FUKUSHIMA (Italy), PULSO ETÍLICO (Venezuela), REASON TO RESIST (Malaysia), REPULSIONE (Italy) and SHOVEL (Serbia).

01. Acid Vain - Kill Tram Cops
02. Atos de Vingança - Quiméra Libertária
03. Avhath - Hell's Glare
04. Beer Terror - Horrible Night
05. Calafia Puta - los ninos de las ladillas
06. Casket Garden - Gravediggers
07. Chaos A OK - Off To War, What For
08. D.O.G. - Who's the real monster?
09. Disfare - Greed
10. Disfare - Vorherrschaft
11. Erectile - Confession Between Two Hole
12. Erectile - Sinful Handjob
13. Feed Me More - Technoculture
14. GxUxRxO-PxIxG - Necro Grinder Maid
15. Kamikazi - Uprise
16. Manomorta - 610
17. Manomorta - Oscena
18. Němá Barikáda - S maskou lidumila
19. One Day In Fukushima - Exoskeleton
20. Pulso Etílico - La Caida De La Estrella Roja
21. Reason To Resist - Capitalist Hell!
22. Repulsione - G.R.O.F.A.Z.
23. Shovel - Alcoholic Agony
24. Shovel - Menstrual Creampie
25. Shovel - Silovanje

*include cover arts for CD and Tape format.


Thanks for downloading. Enjoy the music. Make it on physical copied CD-R or Tape (dubbed on 90 minutes blank tape) for personal non-commercial uses. Only featured bands in this volume have the rights to produce (unlimited) copies of CD-R/Tape for sale/trade. Spread the madness! Support each other, make noise not war!

#hxc punk, noise/grind, crust, thrash/metal punks band do submit your track for the next volume.. send to facebook.com/trashnoiser or trashnoiser@gmail.com.

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