Monday, 9 September 2013

Gig: the rebel journal:1

Hey guys, Dont miss out to watch the superb bands from Singapore and our local bands as they will Launch Release Party COMA // WEOT SKAM (Six Pack Tsunami Attack full length Album) // PxKxG & JxS (Split Cassette). See you guys!!!!

Date :
Sept 14th 2013 (Saturday)

Time :
3.30pm till overdose

Ticket Price :

Contact Number :
Bryan - 012-672 9867
Ed Lewis - 012-404 1115
Eidan - 017-501 3494
Poit - 017-482 6761

Location :
Soundmaker Studio, Penang.

Band List :
S*I*N-exprimental /noise/ambient (Singapore)
GHORA-exprimental /noise/ambient (Singapore)
KAH-ROE-SHI-dark/heavy crust (K.lumpur)
OSMANTIKOS-dark/heavy crust (K.lumpur)
JALANxSEHALA-fast/thrashcore (K.lumpur)
COMA-heavy postrock (Penang)
WEOTSKAM-hard/thrashcore (Penang)
PEREKKASIGEREK-comical/thrashcore (S.petani)
13DAS-noise raw punk (S.petani)

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