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SHORT THRASH is a thrashpunk/crossover band from São Gonçalo, Brazil. They have recently released “Crossover Inferno” CD, their debut full-length album. You should check it out and give a listen to their impressively great music. The band has previously released 2 demos and a split. We were in contact with their vocalist, Marcos C. Cardoso and here’s the result of an interview we made with. – Interview by Trashnoiser (17.11.2018)

How do you guys met and got together to form Short Thrash back in February 2008? Introduce us further about the band lineup? Were they from and/or still playing for other bands?
We’ve known each other from São Gonçalo’s Underground scene and we’ve always got together to drink. In 2008, we met at Carlos César’s (guitar) house during Carnaval and he suggested starting a band with me on vocals and Lipson on drums. We composed three songs and added them to Myspace if I’m not mistaken. This lineup lasted a few rehearsals and Lipson left the band sometime later and after that Carlos César also left. Carlos was also a member of a thrash metal band called ULTIMATO at the time and he now plays in a crust/punk project called DECREASING LIFE.

The drummer, Lipson, participated in a demo recording of a black metal band of São Gonçalo called READY TO FUCK long before Short Thrash and had a goregrind project called KAUZ BOREALIS. Unfortunately, Lipson passed away in 2012.

SHORT THRASH had several formations through the years and always had a hard time sticking with band members. We’ve had people playing with the band but never really recording anything, just a few rehearsals and gigs, for example.

I’m the only one living in São Gonçalo at the moment. The guitar and bass players live in Japeri and the drummer lives in São João de Mereti, two different places from the State of Rio de Janeiro. We often meet in the central part of Rio in order to rehearse.

Besides of the recent “Crossover Inferno” album, what have the band released previously?
• First demo: MUNDO CÃO (in CDr) 2010
Lineup: Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals, Jonas Edson – Guitars, Deyvison Santos – Bass, Leandro Silva – Drums

• Split: Short Thrash / God Pussy – Sobrevivência (in CDr) 2013
Lineup: Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals, Guilherme Silva – Guitars, Carlos Souza – Bass, Laercio Martins – Drums

• Short Demo (in Cdr) 2015
Lineup: Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals, Vinicius Gomez – Guitars, Juan Blitchz – Bass, Carlos Souza – Drums

• In 2015, we participated in a digital compilation album called Noise From Hell Compilation Vol.9 with the track “Black Short”

Tell us in details about the full-length CD entitled “Crossover Inferno”? How was the responses and feedbacks you got so far? Do you really satisfied with the entire recordings and production?
The CD entitled Crossover Inferno was recorded in 2015/2016 and early 2017 with our main tracks and lineup of the time. It was produced and mixed by Vinicius Gomez, our guitar player, in his home studio at Japeri. We first released it digitally and Ataque Underground Distro later distributed on September 7, 2018. Our audience liked the result.

What would the best description for your music and sound? Which bands that really inspired Short Thrash in songwrirings?
Realistic, violent, anti-conservative, atheist, a mixture of thrash metal with hardrock and punk rock. Bands: Ratos de Porão, Suicidal Tendencies, Lobotomia, Napalm Death, Nuclear Assault and Motörhead.

Could we find any distinctive characteristics or particular trademark of Short Thrash musically?
Short Thrash delivers a powerful strong vocal with anti-totalitarian discourse. Our shows are full of energy and sick riffs.

How do you see the band evoluate in “Crossover Inferno” as compared to your old materials?
The band is much more cohesive and brutal.

What were written in your lyrics? How do you want to spread the messages internationally at the same time you sing in your mother language?
Marcos C. Cardoso – Our lyrics talk about atheism, violence present in our country, anti-conservatism, binge drinking, anti-homofobia, anti-fascism, and we call politicians out for imposing their religious beliefs in our society.

I prefer singing in portuguese because it is my native language. I like the fact that Brazilians can understand our lyrics without looking for translations. Other Brazilian bands like Ratos de Porão and Lobotomia go on tours and they sing in portuguese as well!

What were among the best moments you guys have ever experienced in playing gigs and live shows?
A gig at Rua Ceará in Bigode’s Bar back in 2011 – It was unforgettable. A gig in Nova Iguaçu at Estúdio B called Cruzada Metal, the crowd going crazy. And in Brás de Pina at Subúrbio Alternativo – we played there several times and, to me, it was one of the best underground spots of Rio de Janeiro.

Do you have dreams having tour to other continental or sharing a stage with big bands?
Yes, that would be amazing!

You guys from São Gonçalo, Brazil right? How's the underground DIY music scene look like over there?
There is a lot happening thanks to members from different bands organizing their own gigs and shows in Rio. It happens a lot less here in São Gonçalo. There is one event called Sunday Gory Sunday in which we only played once. We mostly go to Rio to play, but we plan to come back playing in São Gonçalo and other places soon.

What can we expect from Short Thrash in the future?
Play more, record materials. We now have a brand new drummer who is looking forward to play with us.

Current lineup:
Marcos C. Cardoso – Vocals
Vinicius Gomez – Guitars
Juan Blitchz – Bass
Henrique Silva – Drums

Please close this interview with few last words?
You will hear from us soon in a compilation entitled Music for Freak People Vol. 1, by Scum Records (Mexico) with the track Zona de Lixo Eleitoral. Thank you very much for the support. This was our very first international interview and I hope everyone liked it. Thank you for those who read it and please follow us on all our social medias. Best regards, Marcos C. Cardoso.

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