Wednesday, 24 June 2015


NOISE FROM HELL COMPILATION VOL.18 featuring BÖMBÄRDEO (Chile), CUM SOCK (Canada), DECLASSE (Colombia), GOVNITORY (Bosnia and Herzegovina), HEREAFTER (Malaysia), INDUSTRIAL HOLOCAUST (Brazil), METALEPSIA (Argentina), PROJECT DEKADENZ (Estonia), RADIACION SUICYDA (Mexico), SOCIETY PRISON COMPLEX (Germany), THE SYMBOLIST (Portugal), ULTIMO RECURSO (Argentina), WHAT I WANT (Brazil), WRØNG (Australia) and xHOUSEx (Colombia).

01. Bömbärdeo - La vida no tiene sentido
02. Cum Sock - Cocain
03. Cum Sock - Take it Out
04. Declasse - Has logrado controlar
05. Declasse - Somos Declasse
06. Govnitory - A deserter from Jagomir
07. Govnitory - Bosnian Incest story
08. HEREAFTER - Hereafter
09. Industrial Holocaust - Fuck Profit
10. Metalepsia - Metalepsia
11. Metalepsia - Unidad Heavy Punk
12. Project Dekadenz - D-Day (Apocalypse)
13. Project Dekadenz - Homophobic Hangover
14. Radiacion Suicyda - una guerra que no termina
15. Society Prison Complex - Kein Blut für Scheisse
16. The Symbolist - No Brain No Pain
17. Ultimo Recurso - Ya nunca más
18. What I Want - Against
19. What I Want - Mondo Bizarro
20. Wrøng - Lung Damage
21. xHOUSEx - Everybody lies
22. xHOUSEx - Vicodin

*include cover arts for CD and Tape format.


Thanks for downloading. Enjoy the music. Make it on physical copied CD-R or Tape (dubbed on 90 minutes blank tape) for personal non-commercial uses. Only featured bands in this volume have the rights to produce (unlimited) copies of CD-R/Tape for sale/trade. Spread the madness! Support each other, make noise not war!

#hxc punk, noise/grind, crust, thrash/metal punks band do submit your track for the next volume.. send to or

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