Saturday, 12 October 2013

Rilis: 13DAS - Man-Made Apocalypse Demo 2013

Out now! 13DAS Demo year 2013 (MAN-MADE APOCALYPSE).

This cassette casing made by cotton for environmental to reduce pollution also may use as a small bag for handphone, ic, bank cards and etc.

For any order:
Iedan - 017-501 3494
Jori Neng -
Morbid Mantia -
Poit X Nincompoops -

and any local labels you may know:
cactus distribution -
Revulsion Records -
Tebulaih Nyor Distro -
Basement Rekordz -
Ägu Stö -
BebalMailOrder -

Thanks to all the punkers... Chaos! Enjoy! Cheers!

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